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“You’re Next” Blog Series:🔪Episode 2🔪

Aug 5, 2019 by Kelly2722
Liv Summers - #Kelly2722
David Summers - #Kelly2722
Meredith Summers - #Kelly2722
Beck Roberts - #Kelly2722
Cody Mackson - TwoStep_isBack ***DEAD***
Julian Grantham - ShaneDawson12345
Preston Summers - SharonMaItems
Gloria Summers - SabrinaRayexxx
Mac Anderson - Macda27
Kate Anderson - #Macda27
Jenna Anderson - #Macda27
Samuel Samuels - varlto
Lily Collins - tkoj555
Issy Jenner - immaxyman
Brandon Johnson - rawr121
Renna Ling - PoohSnap
Nicolette Murphy - BluJay112
Castor Murphy - #BluJay112
Tony Roberts - #rawr121
Kendall Roberts - #SharonMaItems
Jesse Wilkinson - Ethan000
Jem Conway - Kaseyhope101
Morgan O’Conner - #Ethan000
Evelina Indigo - #varlto
Jackson Price (JP) - Jasoi
Kelsey Mercado - #rawr121 ***DEAD***
Jennifer Sterling - Joobix
Mary Chambers - Thirteen
Jenny Vinson - RightToCensor ***DEAD***

***New Years Day~12:15am***

*Meredith and Gloria comfort Julian who is frozen in fear*

David- “What the FUCK happened?!!!”

*Everybody is silent*

Liv- “Why is there a dead woman in the garage? Who the fuck even is she?”

David- “She’s my coworker.. well she was my coworker.”

*Meredith stands up and walks over to face David*

Meredith- “Oh yeah she’s just your coworker, right? She’s just your coworker that happened to be in our fucking house?!!”

David- “Mer, I don’t know how she got there..I-“

Meredith- “BULLSHIT!! I saw you go into the garage earlier! Was it you that cut her in half?!”

David- “Would you listen to yourself!!? Are you actually accusing me of murder right now!!??”

Meredith- “Makes sense! You invited her over here!! Why else would she be over our home?!!”

David- “Babe I don’t know why she was here!!!”

*Preston walks over*

Preston- “Yes you do.”

*Everybody looks at Preston*

Preston- “Dad is there something you’d like to tell Mom, or should I tell her myself?”

David- “If this is your lame attempt to get my wife to accept you as her own child, you better check yourself because if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be alive right now.”

Preston- “Everyone, my Dad has been fucking that dead woman for months now.”

David- “That’s preposterous!!!! Really!!? You think anybody actually believes that?!!”

Evelina- “..How has he been fucking her?... Is he hiding the bottom half of her upstairs or something?”

Jem- “Not now Eve.”

Morgan- “Really Eve..?”

Evelina- “Oh come on, that was funny!”

*Issy rolls her eyes and stands*

Issy- “As much as I hate to break this all up, are you all oblivious to the fact that there is a fucking dead woman in your garage?! We need to call the police!”

Mac- “For what?? We’re in the middle of fucking nowhere. Our reception is shit and the police would take hours to come!”

Jenna- “Are the police even available today? It’s a holiday.”

Castor- “They’re the fucking police, they don’t get days off, dumbass!”

*Kate stands*

Kate- “I know DAMN well you’re not gonna call my little sister names. That’s what you’re not gonna do.”

*Nicolette stands*

Nicolette- “Excuse me bitch but why are you standing? You have a problem?”

Kate- “Oh I’m the one that has a problem?! Bitch square up and I’ll show you a problem!”

David- “THATS ENOUGH!! Sit the fuck down, the both of you!”

Preston- “Oh they’re the ones that need to sit down? As far as I’m concerned, you’re the only person here that needs to take several seats, Dad.”

David- “Preston Edward Summers, I have had enough of your shit tonight!”

Preston- “Oh really, Dad? Because I’m just getting started. You cheated on Mom for months...Some things never change.”

David- “Had I not cheated on my wife, you wouldn’t fucking be here so be grateful for once in your damn life!”

Meredith- “David!!”

*David sighs and walks over to Meredith*

David- “Meredith I am so so sorry that I brought him into our lives. He’s done, I won’t invite him over to any more family occasions.”

Meredith- “David, I want you to be honest with me right now. Did you invite that woman to our house?”

David- “Mer..”

Meredith- “DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT cheat on me with that cheap dead gold-digging slut that’s in my garage?!!”

David- “Yes okay!!! Are you fucking happy now?!!! You’re needy and demanding as fuck, you never put out, so yes I got pussy from someone much hotter, younger, and someone who actually respected me. I enjoyed every second of it too!”

*Meredith slaps David*

Meredith- “..Am I happy??...Oh I won’t be happy until I see your body in the morgue right next to hers you filthy, disgusting, cowardly, shell of a man.”

*Suddenly, an arrow is shot through an open window, and flies into David’s neck*

Julian- “DAD!!!”

*Everyone screams as David falls to a knee*

David- “H... Hel.. Help me..”

*Beck, Castor, Brandon, Mac, and Samuel all rush over to try and help David*

Samuel- “Oh god he’s losing a lot of blood!”

*Meredith runs and grabs Julian*

Meredith- “Say goodbye to your father.”

Julian- “...Dad! No!” *Julian cries*

*Meredith and Gloria rush Julian over into the kitchen*

Gloria- “Everything will be okay, dear... Everything will be okay.”

*Julian cries and hugs his mother and grandmother*

**In the Living Room**

Kate- “We need to take out the arrow!”

Nicolette- “Are you really that fucking stupid?!!!”

Castor- “Once we remove the arrow, he’ll only lose more blood at a much faster pace!”


Jesse- “Castor is right. We can’t take out the arrow. He’ll die almost instantly.”

Issy- “AGAIN. You’re all sitting here arguing and ignoring the fact that he is literally dying right in front of us!”

Jesse- “We need something to stop the bleeding.”

Liv- “My parents have a first aid kit with bandages and other supplies upstairs. I’ll go get it.”

Jem- “I’m coming with you. I don’t want anybody to wander off alone right now.”

Jesse- “I’m coming too.”

Renna- “So are me and JP.”

Liv- “Okay fine but we need to go now! Let’s go!”

*Liv, Jem, Jesse, Renna, and JP all race up the stairs to find the first aid kit*


*Kendall walks over to Tony and Jennifer*

Kendall- “Isn’t anybody else concerned that somebody outside literally shot an arrow into this house?!”

Tony- “We need to board up the windows!”

Jennifer- “And how do you expect us to do that?”

*Preston walks over*

Preston- “I’m pretty sure my Dad keeps wood planks and tools in the garage. Come help me grab some?”

Jennifer- “You want me to subject myself to being in the presence of the Minotaur that your Dad has mounted on the hood of his car?”

Tony- “I’ll come with you, Preston.”

*Preston nods*

Preston- “You two take cover, stay low. Make sure nothing happens.”

*Kendall and Jennifer nod*

Tony- “We’ll be right back.”

*Tony and Preston walk to the garage and start looking for the wood planks and tools*


Renna- “You really know your parents villa inside and out, Liv.”

JP- “Yeah” *chuckles* “Where the hell is the first aid kit?”

Liv- “I haven’t been in this house for months. Give me a break.”

Renna- “Oh yeah. Sure, take all the time you need. It’s not my father that’s bleeding helplessly downstairs with an arrow in his neck.”

*Liv stands and walks up to Renna*

Liv- “Keep running your mouth and I swear to God that I’ll make sure that the next person bleeding helpless with an arrow in their neck is you.”

Renna- “Are you threatening me?”

Liv- “It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”

Jem- “Can y’all stop barking at each other and help me and Jesse find the god damn first aid kit?”

*Renna rolls her eyes; they both continue to look around for the first aid kit*

JP- “I’m curious how your Dad is still alive, honestly. Is it even possible to stay alive this long after being shot in the neck?”


Kate- “I can’t fucking take this anymore! I won’t stand here and watch him suffer like this!”

*Kate rushes over to David and yanks the arrow out of David’s neck; his blood splatters all over as Samuel quickly tries to cover his wound with his hands*

Jenna- “KATE!! NO!!! DAD!!!”

Mac- “Dad!!!”

*David visibly is becoming weaker very quickly as his blood spurts out from his neck as his children cry*

David- “....tell.. tell mom I’m s-so.. sorry..”

*Mac, Jenna, Samuel, and Kate all cry as they watch David take his last breath*

*Jem and Jesse rush back downstairs*

Jem- “We can’t find the first aid kit anywhere.”

Brandon- “It’s too late.”

*Jem and Jesse walk over to see David, dead*

Jem- “Well shit..”

**In the Garage**

*Tony and Preston gather wood planks, a nail-gun, a box of nails, and a couple of hammers*

Tony- “This should be enough.”

Preston- “We can always come back if we need more.”

Tony- “Alright lets roll.”

*As Preston and Tony carry the supplies, the garage door that leads into the house slams shut*

Tony- “Huh..?”

*Preston puts down the supplies and tries to open the door*

Preston- “...It’s locked.”

Tony- “What the..?”

*Tony drops his supplies and tries to kick open the door*

Tony- “Damn it!!”

Preston- “We need to go out through the garage door and walk around to the front of the house.”

Tony- “Why the fuck would we go outside??? Somebody is out there and is shooting people with arrows. We’re clearly not safe out there.”

Preston- “Then how the fuck do you expect to get inside?!”

Tony- “Oh I don’t know maybe yell for help?!”

*Out of nowhere, the garage door starts opening; Tony and Preston look at each other*

Preston- “...I didn’t open it..”

Tony- “Neither did I...”

*The garage door opens to reveal Wolf Mask and Lamb Mask holding machete’s*

Preston- “.... oh fuck..”

Tony- “Who the fuck are you guys?!”

*Wolf Mask and Lamb Mask walk towards Preston and Tony, as Preston and Tony yell and try to knock down the door leading to inside*

Tony- “Help!!! Help us!!!”

*In the Living Room*

Kendall- “Do you guys hear that??”

Samuel- “It’s coming from the garage!”

*Kendall, Samuel, Mac, Kate, Jennifer, and Beck rush over to the garage door*

Mac- “I can’t open it! It’s jammed!”

*Tony and Preston scream as the masked figures move closer to them*

Preston- “Help us!! They’re gonna kill us!!”

Tony- “Open the door!!!”

*Mac and Kate both try pulling on the door to get it to open*

Kate- “It wont budge!!”

*Tony and Preston scream as the masked figures swing down their machete’s; then the screaming stops*

Beck- “Are you guys okay?!!!”


Beck- “Move!!”

*Mac and Kate move away from the door; Beck charges into the door, successfully knocking it open*

Kendall- “Tony?!!”

Jennifer- “Preston!!”

*They all rush into the garage to see Tony and Preston laying on the ground, gashes on their throats as they are covered in blood, the masked figures are nowhere to be found*

*Jennifer, Samuel, Mac, and Kendall scream as Beck and Kate stand silently in shock*

*Meredith runs over to the garage*

Meredith- “Kids get inside now!”

*The six of them rush inside to the living room trying to compose themselves as Meredith hits the switch and closes the garage door, noticing that Preston and Tony are dead*

*Meredith sheds a tear as she follows the six into the living room*


Liv- “Something is happening downstairs. We need to go now!”

*Liv starts walking to downstairs, but Renna stands in front of her*

Renna- “Oh you’re not going anywhere.”

Liv- “...Renna get out of the wa...”

*JP grabs Liv by her hair and throws her to the ground into a nearby bedroom*


*Renna runs over to Liv and punt kicks her in her abdomen*

Liv- “AGH!” *rolls over onto her back holding her stomach*

*Renna walks over to JP*

Renna- “You have 20 minutes. I’ll stand outside and guard the door. Once you’re done, knock her out, give her the pills, and she won’t remember a thing. Understand?”

JP- “Understood.”

*Renna walks out*

Renna- “Remember, don’t make a mess, and make sure she won’t be able to tell anybody a thing.”

JP- “Got it.😏”

*JP closes and locks the door, turns around and starts to unzip his pants*

JP- “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now, Liv.”

*Before JP can do anything, Liv grabs a trophy from the bedside table and whacks JP’s head, knocking him out*

Renna- *tries opening the door* “JP! Is everything okay in there?!”

*Liv opens the door and tackles Renna to the ground*

Liv- “You fucking bitch!!!”

*Liv grabs Renna’s hair and slams her head into the ground several times, knocking her out*

Liv- “...Beck!! Mom!! Someone get up here!!!”

*Meredith, Beck, Jem, and Jesse rush upstairs*

Beck- “Oh my god Liv, what happened?”

Jesse- “Are you okay??”

Meredith- “Why is Reba unconscious?”

Jem- “It’s Renna. What happened to her? Where is JP??”

*Liv is helped up by Beck*

Liv- “Bedroom. JP, he.. he tried to rape me. Renna was helping him.”

Beck- “WHAT?!”

Jem and Jesse- “Oh my God...”

*Liv holds her stomach and head*

Jesse- “Did they hurt you??”

Jem- “No she’s just trying to pat her head and rub her belly simultaneously to prove that she can multi-task. Clearly they fucking hurt her.”

Meredith- “I’m going to go get ice!!”

*Meredith rushes downstairs*

Beck- “Come on, help me get her downstairs.”

Liv- “I can walk. We need to do something about them before they wake up.”

Jem- “Let’s just put them into the bedroom and barricade the door?”

Jesse- “Sounds like a plan. I don’t think they’ll wake up for a while though. Seems like you really put them out for the night, Liv. Remind me to never pick a fight with you.”

*Liv smiles. Beck and Jesse drag Renna into the bedroom with JP, close the door, and break off the door handle*


*Meredith, in a frenzy, rushes through the living room, passing by the others who are distressed, and makes her way over to the kitchen*

Meredith- “..Why is this all happening..?”

*Meredith swings open the kitchen door, and notices that all of the food from the freezer is piled on the ground*

Meredith- “...Huh?”

*Meredith walks over to the freezer and notices blood leaking from the bottom onto the kitchen floor*

Meredith- “Dear God...”

*Meredith takes the freezer door handle and slowly opens the door. When she opens the freezer, she sees Gloria’s head, decapitated*

Meredith- “AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

*Everybody rushes into the kitchen, jaws dropped once they see the scene*

Meredith- “MOM!!!!!!” *screams and cries*

*Issy runs over and tries to pull Meredith away into the living room*

Meredith- “Nooo please god no..” *cries*

Issy- “Mrs. Summers we have to go.”

*The oven starts smoking*

Brandon- “Uhh... is there something burning in the oven???”

*Meredith cries as she pulls away from Issy and makes her way over to the oven*

*Everyone stands back as Meredith turns off the oven and places her hand on the oven door handle*

Meredith- “Please God..” *cries*

*Meredith opens the oven, and sees a cut open, bloody, charred Julian*

Meredith- “....uuuuAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”


Cody Mackson #TwoStep_IsBack (Crossbow shot into eye)
Jenny Vinson #RightToCensor (Throat slit with machete)
Kelsey Mercado #rawr121 (Cut in half with chainsaw)
David Summers #Kelly2722 (Shot in neck with arrow)
Tony Roberts #rawr121 (Slit open with machete)
Preston Summers #SharonMaItems (Slit open with machete)
Gloria Summers #Kelly2722 (Decapitated, Head found in freezer)
Julian Grantham #ShaneDawson12345 (Slit open, charred in oven)

Hey y’all, hope you enjoyed! More episodes coming soon! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



well tea.. i have 1 character left. that's all i know
Sent by SharonMaItems,Aug 5, 2019
Crazy episode honestly I can hardly keep up !
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 5, 2019
Oh wow so much happened this episode :O

Renna & JP better get it uh uh...
Sent by Ethan000,Aug 5, 2019
Oh my god!
Sent by Macda27,Aug 5, 2019
Well Damn Meredith just can't get a break 😂
Sent by tkoj555,Aug 6, 2019
Gloria was robbed, RIP.
Even though there are some WTF script moments it is still very enjoyable to read. Well done, keep it up.
Sent by SabrinaRayexxx,Aug 6, 2019
Jennifer Sterling QUEEN of living
Sent by Joobix,Aug 6, 2019

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