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“You’re Next” Blog Series:🔪PREMIERE 🔪

3rdJul 31, 2019 by Kelly2722
Liv Summers - #Kelly2722
David Summers - #Kelly2722
Meredith Summers - #Kelly2722
Beck Roberts - #Kelly2722
Cody Mackson - TwoStep_isBack
Julian Grantham - ShaneDawson12345
Preston Summers - SharonMaItems
Gloria Summers - SabrinaRayexxx
Mac Anderson - Macda27
Kate Anderson - #Macda27
Jenna Anderson - #Macda27
Samuel Samuels - varlto
Lily Collins - tkoj555
Issy Jenner - immaxyman
Brandon Johnson - rawr121
Renna Ling - PoohSnap
Nicolette Murphy - BluJay112
Castor Murphy - #BluJay112
Tony Roberts - #rawr121
Kendall Roberts - #SharonMaItems
Jesse Wilkinson - Ethan000
Jem Conway - Kaseyhope101
Morgan O’Conner - #Ethan000
Evelina Indigo - #varlto
Jackson Price (JP) - Jasoi
Kelsey Mercado - #rawr121
Jennifer Sterling - Joobix
Mary Chambers - Thirteen
Jenny Vinson - RightToCensor

***NEW YEARS EVE~7:00pm***

*Cody and Jenny are driving to the Summer’s Residence. It is dark, and Cody has his high beams turned on*

Jenny- “I think it’s really sweet that your parents invited everyone to their villa to celebrate New Years. You said this is their first time hosting a New Years Party?”

Cody- “Uh yeah. I’m surprised, really. My dad doesn’t really like guests coming over.”

Jenny- “Oh yeah and I’m sure your mom is SUPER excited about having another family reunion after what happened last Thanksgiving. I’m still not sure whether your brother was trying to actually eat the food or wear it.”

*They both laugh*

Cody- “Yeah, Julian has never been one to respect Mom’s sophistication. He can’t stand her.”

Jenny- “What teenage boy doesn’t despise their mother?... Anyways, so it’s just your family that’s going to be there?”

Cody- “No, actually I don’t think so. I was texting Mac and he told me that Liv’s friends were coming over. Apparently there’s going to be some special announcement.”

Jenny- “Oh my God, do you think... uh.. Beck will propose?!!”

Cody- “I was thinking that but Beck doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that wants to get married anytime soon.”

Jenny- “Well why do you think that?”

Cody- “Well, ya know... he just... I’ve noticed that his eyes wander around. I even think he’s laid his eyes on you once in a while. But who wouldn’t love to stare at you?”

Jenny- “Awe that’s so sweet.”

*They kiss for a second before Cody looks back to the road*

Cody- “I don’t see any landmarks. It’s just a bunch of trees. The GPS said we should be there any minute now.”

Jenny- “Do you think you may have taken a wrong turn somewhere?”

Cody- “I don’t think so..? Check the GPS to make sure you put the right address in there.”

Jenny- *speaking reluctantly* “Yes I put the right address in there. I’m not a dumbass.”

Cody- “Don’t be so hasty. I’m just making sure.”

Jenny- “Well yes I put the right address in there. It should be right up ahead.”

*Suddenly, a hooded figure wearing a Wolf mask is seen in the middle of the road, holding a crossbow aimed towards Cody’s head”

Cody- *Trying to slow down* “What the FUCK?!!!”

*The Wolf Masked figure shoots the cross bow which goes right through the windshield and into Cody’s eye, killing him*

Jenny- “AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! CODY!!! AHHH!!!”

*The car swerves into the forest to the right side, and after 10 seconds of scraping the sides of trees, speeding though snow and branches, the car slams into a large tree*

*3 minutes later, a bloody Jenny is able to pull herself out of the car through the passenger side window. She holds her leg as she tries to drag herself to safety*

Jenny- *sobbing* “Cody..” *cries* “HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!” *cries*

*The Wolf Masked figure returns from behind a tree and kicks Jenny so she is lying on her back, defenseless. He raises an axe preparing to decapitate her*

Jenny- “uuhhhAAHHHHH!!!”

*Wolf Mask swings down his axe, and watches Jenny’s blood splatter onto the snow.*



*Post Malone is being played as Preston, Samuel, Issy, Brandon, Nicolette, Castor, Renna, JP, and Morgan all dance and make noise*

*David and Meredith sit on the couch, staring blankly, unamused. Next to them sits Gloria, who is smiling and trying to keep up with the beat of the music*

Meredith- “Mom, could you please stop rocking around, you keep bumping into my arm.”


*Meredith rolls her eyes and gets up, proceeding to the kitchen to restock the refrigerator with drinks*

David- “I don’t even know this band that’s singing. I don’t even know who these kids are!”


David- “Gloria, do you even know what you’re talking about? Snack?”


*David rolls his eyes, gets up and follows Meredith into the kitchen*

*JP walks towards Gloria*

JP- “Damnnn Granny, I see you dancing over here gettin lit!”

Gloria- “WHAT?”

*Preston comes over and turns up Gloria’s hearing aid*

Preston- “BETTER?!”


*JP laughs*

Preston- “I-“

Gloria- “Oh I’m just messing with ya. Thanks for your help baby😙”

*Meredith and David come from the kitchen*

David- “Alright y’all, the refrigerator is filled with cold beers and wine coolers, have at em!”

*Julian tries to sneak by his parents to get into the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge, only to be stopped by Meredith*

Meredith- “And where do you think you’re going?”

Julian- “To uhh get a glass of water!”

Meredith- “Nice try. If you want a drink, there’s juice boxes and sodas in the cooler in the garage. Go.”

*Julian rolls his eyes and walks away*

Preston- “Oh come on Mom, one small drink won’t hurt the kid.”

Meredith- “Don’t call me ‘Mom’. And don’t you ever tell me how to raise my actual child.” *walks away*

David- “Don’t even worry about her. I’ll take care of it.”

Preston- “Dad, it’s been three years. I don’t think she’ll ever accept me as part of this family.”

David- “Pres, it’s not your fault.”

Preston- “I know it’s not... It’s yours.”

*Preston walks away, leaving David looking down*

*In the living room, Beck and Liv arrive, alongside Tony, Kendall, and Jennifer whom all drove to the party with Beck*

Lily and Brandon- “Liv!!!!”

*Liv and Beck are bombarded with hugs from Lily, Brandon, Nicolette, and Samuel*

Liv- “Oh god um.. hey! What are you all doing here?”

Nicolette- “You didn’t really think I’d miss any opportunity to hang out with you, right?”

Liv- “Oh well of course not, but I thought tonight was going to be a family thing. I had no idea my parents invited friends over.”

*Meredith walks over*

Meredith- “We didn’t. It’s a real inconvenience, Liv.”

Liv- “Sorry, but I didn’t invite anybody besides Beck.”

Meredith- “Ah yes, who I see decided to also bring along his family tree as well.”

Kendall- “Oh hi um. I apologize, I just really wanted to go to a New Years Eve party this year, and I didn’t have any plans so I..”

Jennifer- “Yeah well anyways I’m not sorry. Time to get shitfaced! Woo!”

*Jennifer and Tony walk past Meredith and proceed to get a drink”

Kendall- “I’m just gonna, uhh yeah I’m gonna follow them. Thanks so much for having us! *follows Jennifer and Tony*

Beck- “I’m really sorry Mrs. Summers, if I had known it would be such a big deal, I wouldn’t have brought them along.”

Liv- “Come on, Mom. Stop being so prissy and actually TRY to have fun tonight.”

Meredith- “I am not prissy! Ya know what, it’s dropped. We are not going to start out the new year with any ill feelings.”

Liv- “Thank you.”

Meredith- “Where the hell are the rest of my children? They are taking so long to arrive.”

*Just as Meredith says that, the door opens as Mac, Kate, and Jenna enter*

Meredith- “Ahhh there my babies are!”

Mac- “Hey Mom! Liv!”

*They all hug and greet each other*

*From the garage door, David lets a woman inside and gives her a quick peck on the lips.”

David- “Hey babe. My wife is in the living room. I’ll try to sneak you upstairs as soon as possible, but for now, just hideout in my car.” *David unlocks his car back door, and let’s Kelsey inside*

Kelsey- “You know, sooner or later she’s going to find out.”

David- “Don’t you think I know that?!”

Kelsey- “Yea, so why don’t you just rip off the bandaid, leave her saggy ass and come be with me, unapologetically.”

David- “It’s more complicated than that, Kel.”

Kelsey- “Not really. It’s quite simple actually. Just two simple words come out of your mouth, and then your mouth can be entertained with someone a lot younger and much hotter.”

David- “You know I’d love nothing more, but for right now, just get in the car and I’ll come and get you soon.”

Kelsey- “Whatever you say, daddy. Until then, I’ll just entertain myself in your back seat with your little boy’s tennis racket.”

David- “.....Oh um... that’s uhh.... ya know what, do whatever you want in there. I’ll be back for you in a bit. Love you.”

*David closes his car door, and returns to the party*

Kelsey- *sighs* “At this rate, I’ll never see green.”


*Chatter and dancing continues. A knock is heard on the door*

Liv- “I’ll get it!”

*Liv walks over to the door and opens it, revealing Jesse, Jem, and Evelina*

Liv- *taken off guard* “Jesse.. uh hey. Jem, Evelina, hi, come in.”

Jem- “Hey Liv, long time no see.”

Liv- “Yeah, way too long. What are y’all doing here?”

Jem- “Mac invited us, don’t sound too disappointed.”

Liv- “I-I’m not disappointed at all, I just wasn’t expecting for y’all to be here.”

Evelina- “That makes two of us. I told them I didn’t want to come.”

Jesse- “You had the opportunity to stay at home.”

Evelina- “And miss out on this awkward reconciliation? Absolutely not.”

Liv- “So Jem, Jesse, you two are still..?”

Jem- “Yup. 4 years strong.”

Evelina- “Liv, I gotta know, how do you feel knowing that your high school sweetheart is fucking your high school best friend?”

Jesse- “Eve, please. Stop.”

Evelina- “Oh come on, I just wanted to ask what everyone else was wondering.”

*Issy walks over*

Issy- “And everyone will continue to wonder, because Liv has GOT to listen to Renna and JP’s story of when they mistakenly kissed last New Years... Hey Jesse 😉 Come on Liv.”

*Issy pulls Liv away*

Liv- “Is there actually a story?”

Issy- “Oh please, as if I’d ever willingly have a conversation with JP.”


David- “Looks like Cody and Jenny had other plans tonight and didn’t care enough to be with family. Anyways, we have a New Year coming and a bottle of champagne to pop. Alright everyone! Countdown is starting in 2 minutes!”

*Jesse walks over to Liv*

Jesse- “Hey, I’m sorry if I brought a little bit of tension by showing up tonight.”

Liv- “Nope, no tension at all. I have to get over to Beck. Happy new year!” *walks over to Beck and holds his hand*

Gloria- “Alright everybody! 2 minutes til the new year!

**In the Garage**

Kelsey- “That dumb fuck definitely forgot about me... I’m over this shit.”

*Kelsey tries to get out of the car, but all of the doors are jammed.*

Kelsey- “What the fuck..?”

*A hooded figure wearing a Lamb Mask rolls out from underneath the car, and stands up, looking at Kelsey*

Kelsey- “...Uhh... this isn’t funny dipshit! Open the door now!”

**In the Living Room**

Beck- “Ready?!!”




*Lamb Mask leans down and pulls out a chainsaw from a dufflebag*

Kelsey- “NO NO NO!!! HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!”





*Lamb Mask breaks the car backseat window as Kelsey screams. Nobody can hear her due to the loud celebration in the Living Room*





*Kelsey screams as Lamb Mask turns on the chainsaw*

Kelsey- “NO NO PLEASE NO!!!” *cries*




*Lamb Mask lunges the chainsaw into Kelsey’s midsection, as she screams and cries in agony.*

Everyone- “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WOO!!!”

*David and Meredith kiss; Liv and Beck kiss; Jem and Jesse kiss; Grandma Gloria kisses Julian on the cheek, which he reluctantly accepts; JP kisses Issy, which she reluctantly pulls away from and knees him in his balls; Everyone else shares hugs and kisses on cheeks*

Gloria- “Happy New Year, dollface. I’m surprised I’m alive to celebrate this new year with you!”

Julian- “I’m surprised too.”

*They laugh*

Julian- “Alright I’m gonna go grab a juice box. Do you want one?”

Gloria- “Oh yes! Tropical blast please, dear.”

Julian- “Sure thing, Grandma🙂”

*Julian walks towards the garage to get a drink*

Julian- *mumbles* “That crazy bat is definitely giving me double cash this year for my birthday”.

*Julian opens the garage door to see the top half of Kelsey’s body mounted on the hood of his Dad’s car.”

Julian- “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!”


Cody Mackson #TwoStep_IsBack (Crossbow shot into eye)
Jenny Vinson #RightToCensor (Throat slit with machete)
Kelsey Mercado #rawr121 (Cut in half with chainsaw)

Hey guys, hope y’all could keep up with this premiere episode. I tried to give everyone a little bit of airtime, but clearly I couldn’t get to everyone. In the coming episodes, more characters will definitely have more dialogue, but this premiere was really just to set the tone of the season. As you could probably tell with this first episode, y’all are going to be dropping like flies, but I promise that no character will die without getting dialogue!
Hope you guys enjoyed, let me know your thoughts in the comments!




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