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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nommed for 11th ⭐️⭐️⭐️

4thJul 16, 2019 by Kelly2722
Hey guys, so I’ve been nominated for 11th in my first stars, and I just wanted to share my experience in the Stars house.
Coming into this game, I knew that I probably would meet the block sooner rather than later. It is my first stars, I had no idea how to play, and I figured I wouldn’t have public support to keep me in this game. Therefore, I did everything I could to control sets, and it worked. All of my sets went through up until last dc. Nobody thought that I would have been able to play such a strategic and excellent game thus far, until things went left and my game was exposed. I flew under the radar, manipulated people to do what I wanted, and was in a power position up until now. Everything has changed. I’m in the minority now, and I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m probably getting evicted, but I am proud of the game I have played, especially for it being my first stars. I am glad that I finally played stars, it is very fun but it is very exhausting. However, I do not want to leave the game yet. I have so much fight left in me and I promise I will raise Hell in this house. My zodiac is cancer. You know how we are when we’re out for blood. Send me back in there so I can show everybody why you should NOT underestimate a first time player. Thank you all ❤️
Gl Zach zachbbs, ilysm. Thank you for being so damn loyal. If I were to lose a poll against anybody, I’m glad it’s you.

Friends, I hope I have all of your support in this game. I can’t do this without you all. Thank you❤️


good luck :)
Sent by bassmaster1013,Jul 16, 2019
good luck :)
Sent by mbarnish1,Jul 16, 2019
You will stay <3 Win it for me!
Sent by zachbbs,Jul 16, 2019

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