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PYN for an Opinion 🙃

2ndJul 12, 2019 by Kelly2722
Haven’t done one of these in a while. Updating as soon as I see it 🙂

LovelyKiss - Whore. Edit: Just kidding you’re a sweetie.

JonMcGillis - I don’t know you really besides seeing you on the blogs page. You seem nice though we should talk :)

ParvatiS - I feel like we have a distant relationship kinda thing. We have many mutual friends and we’re like aware of each other’s existence but never talked. I know you’re kind but I think we should actually talk once in a while :)

Thumper91 - You already know that ily ❤️ You’re one of my favorite Tengagers and it’s impossible for anybody not to like you. You’re so positive and kind and people should take notes.

mbarnish1 - I think you’re cool. Don’t really know much about you since our relationship is fairly new but I look forward to talking to you more.

Matthew09 - Your username doesn’t ring a bell right away but I’m pretty sure we’ve talked on the blogs page before. I feel like maybe we haven’t gotten along sometime ago but I really don’t remember.

Thirteen - I’m gonna be honest, I really don’t know. You send me on a loop sometimes. I consider you a friend, an ally, but I remember a couple of weeks ago you made a hate blog about me because I wasn’t choosing sides between two of my friends that were arguing. But then like a week later you made a blog praising me or something. It’s fairly confusing but I still consider you a friend.

pinkiepie512 - Ughhh I feel so bad when I don’t really know somebody on these. I’m 90% sure we’ve played games together but we’ve never talked before :/

GoodKaren - We were very good friends a couple of years ago. You, Rose, and myself were like the powerpuff girls😂 I think among the three of us, you definitely stayed the most stable over the years. I think time just wasn’t our friend because we barely talk to eachother anymore but you’ll always be a friend ❤️

CalebDaBoss - I remember you made a lot of hateful, terrible blogs that I just could not support. I feel like I’ve tried giving you opportunities to redeem yourself as a good person but I just haven’t seen much improvement. I’m glad that you’re not stirring up drama on the blogs page as much anymore but from what I’ve witnessed in the past, I don’t think we’ll ever be friends.

BengalBoy - I really like you. We don’t talk besides the blogs page but I think you’re really cool. You’ve always shown to be positive, to me at least, and I really like the way you present yourself. We should talk more❤️


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