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PYN for an honest opinion 🙃

2ndJun 10, 2019 by Kelly2722
Vasquis - I haven’t seen your username until this castings we’re in, but look forward to chatting with you!

Harry1210 - I know you’ve been around for a little bit, and I’ve definitely seen and maybe even commented on a couple of your blogs but I don’t remember ever crossing paths with you. You seem nice though!

jjvawesomeness0511 - I probably played a group game or something with you maybe a year ago or something but I don’t really remember :P Sorry if we knew each other before though. I’m forgetful.

Thumper91 - Lauren you are definitely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever spoke to on Tengaged. We only started talking a little before I went on hiatus from this site but I remember you were only one of the few people I really liked when I was leaving. You’re great and I hope we can catch up!

BengalBoy - We’ve never talked before but I know you because to me it seems like you’re always on the blogs page. Seem pretty lit. Nice to meet you.

PureEssence - I remember a couple of years ago I stole like 3 of your designs and we had a little bit of an argument for like a month or two but I think we’ve moved on from it, because it’s not even that memorable to me at least. Over the past year I think we’ve played some games together like maybe hunger and we’ve gotten along🙂

lexeyjane - Not much I can say but I think you’re pretty iconic.

HaliFord - Yessss queen. We share many many opinions on tv show characters or contestants and tings like that. Very fierce 🔥

Blitszims - Fiona ❤️ Miss you so much! You’re a sweetheart and I hope we talk more!

Birks4444 - Before I went on hiatus, you were like my right hand man in games. We make as great allies and friends 👍

Maxi1234 - We were really good friends for a minute, but we’ve just grown apart, but I’ll always consider you a friend ❤️ Hope you’re doing well!

Amnesia_ - I remember that you commented on a couple of my PYN’s many months ago and I didn’t know who you were then, but I remember talking to you afterwards and you’re just a really nice person and I hope we can continue to talk 🙂

CheapCheep - You’re such a good and loyal person and I really miss talking to you! We have to play a game together soon!

mbarnish1 - I actually think we used to get along well but I just cannot support what you said. I hope that you learn and grow from this.

koolness234 - Living legend. Arguably the most iconic Tengager to ever. Hope you’re enjoying China!

TheSexiestDude990 - Might’ve played a group game with you but it would’ve been a long while ago so I don’t really remember anything about you but you seem cool.

Arris - I think you’re cool and all. I remember that I had you added on Snapchat but ultimately deleted you because you sent me too many snaps about you getting haircut after haircut.

GrrrImABear - I think you’re really nice and hope we can revive our friendship 🙂

Edit: I’m just now realizing that I don’t really know many of you that are commenting and I can’t think of a billion different ways to say “I don’t know you” so I’m just going to tag you all together and say that you all seem wonderful, I just haven’t gotten the chance yet to get to know any of you. Feel free to hmu 😂❤️
Also if I listed you above and we definitely know each other, I’m sorry! Just remind me! I’m forgetful.


Do u know me?
Sent by Vasquis,Jun 10, 2019
Sent by Harry1210,Jun 10, 2019
Do u know me?
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Jun 10, 2019
Sent by Thumper91,Jun 10, 2019
Sent by pinkiepie512,Jun 10, 2019
me kween
Sent by AkeriaChanel,Jun 10, 2019
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Me x
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nice to meet you too buddy 🤝 kelly2722
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 10, 2019
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Sent by gabrieltrezza,Jun 10, 2019
Sent by Acceptthis,Jun 10, 2019
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Me ? :)
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Jun 10, 2019
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Sent by abrogated,Jun 10, 2019
-finger guns- pow pow
Sent by CheapCheep,Jun 10, 2019
I don't think I know you but here's a shot.
Sent by Foxtrot,Jun 10, 2019
I know its gonna be bad but me :D
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