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  1. Imagine
  2. Everyone鈥檚 a little gay
  3. Who want to be friends? 馃
  4. Becky Lynch fucking did that
  5. Who wants to be friendsss 馃
  6. BB20 Attractiveness Ranking
  7. PYN
  8. Victoria is way better than Ariana
  9. Yuck
  10. Ya ever get that feeling
  11. Victoria Justice is soooo underrated
  12. Who wants to add 4 add?
  13. PYN for an Opinion 馃挅
  14. I鈥檓 tryin hard to fight these tears
  15. Fessy is an idiot
  16. Do I join hunger or..?
  17. Well then
  18. I care too much about BB
  19. Haleigh was drunk last night
  20. These people are annoying
  21. If they really backdoor Scottie
  22. Fessy literally wants to pawn Scottie
  23. Fessy just needs to not fuck up
  25. Okay I鈥檓 gonna give it an hour
  26. Fessy just needs to keep this up
  28. Julie is so Pro-Hive
  29. I love her but
  30. Favorite Houseguests from each BB season
  31. Ranking BB seasons
  32. Hold the fuck up
  33. I love Rockstar
  34. If you have trouble falling asleep
  35. Faysal or Scottie
  36. BB Predictions
  37. Welp
  38. People are so petty
  39. So um anyways
  40. Hopefully Tyler chooses America over BB


Aug 5, 2015 by Kelly2722
5 Hours Ago


I think it was because of some drama with DJ4460, who got her banned
Sent by GoodKaren,Aug 5, 2015
Sent by DeathIsGreat,Aug 5, 2015
Correct. GoodKaren
Sent by DJ4460,Aug 5, 2015

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