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  1. does she ever log off
  2. dot dot dot...
  3. on the same note as this drama
  4. Im Sorry.
  5. tetris 99 is so iconic
  6. somebody hold me
  7. imagine nomming inacts in frooks
  8. im bald i stayed in stars
  9. nommed for 16th
  10. Save me :(
  11. What’s the record for most 16ths
  12. Nominated for 16th in stars!
  13. Well
  14. ive decided to get into gaming
  15. 45 minutes into stars and
  16. no this is so annoying
  17. most terrorists are white
  18. wait am i retarded
  19. my stars placements
  20. hey guys im taking a break/PYN
  21. Mean Girl
  22. damn bitch
  23. I said no
  24. ok but
  25. omg
  26. at the end of day
  27. should i get
  28. frookies 2 spots
  29. honestly.. FROOKS?
  30. i just got added to the funniest game
  31. ok i FINALLY
  32. its hard being european
  33. imagine thinking
  34. updated
  35. pyn post your name
  36. im bored.
  37. i aint no dumb blonde
  38. serving
  39. Here is my stars blog.
  40. nominated for 5th in stars

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Well Mar 24, 2019
Im getting my 4th 16th in stars
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ive decided to get into gaming Mar 23, 2019
ill be one of THOSE gays i have a ps4 and a switch
i have like fortnite/overwatch/gta online/friday the 13th( if people still play that/rdr and a bunch of games like that
what other multipalyer games for that platform would you recommend or even if u wanna play with me!
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45 minutes into stars and Mar 23, 2019
[10:39:17 PM] CalebDaBoss: I can’t bottom I have hemorrhoids
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no this is so annoying Mar 23, 2019
i joined stars AND was added to addmecontacts at the same time
so idk if someone is someone from stars or addmecontacts till i accept them
i accepted this oen guy cause i thought it was amandabynes and then all i received was a very old cock followed by "33m" and "r u female under 16" and ive just had enough
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most terrorists are white Mar 23, 2019
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wait am i retarded Mar 23, 2019
does stars fill in 5 minutes or did i just totally make that up
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