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what eye do you wink with?

Mar 3, 2021 by Kelly0412
i wink with my left.. hand eye? (the one on the left from my point of view) and like i physically cannot even attempt it on my right :(


i can't wink with my right eye either!
Sent by Delete2544,Mar 3, 2021
Both lol. I am left handed so I鈥檇 naturally do it fo my left but I can do it with my right
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Mar 3, 2021
It's a lot more natural if I wink with my left
Sent by Electric,Mar 3, 2021
both, but would be more likely to do left i think
Sent by J2999,Mar 3, 2021
Sent by Fetish,Mar 3, 2021

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