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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

thats it, im over it

Feb 27, 2021 by Kelly0412
the last 24-hours i've been dealing with #bullying in an online #reality game - it started with me calling someone out (who said they had my back) to them having a total meltdown in front of the entire online #house, verbally attacking me 4 #loyalty, ALL because I wouldn't betray the source of the info, thinking they were going to expose ME as a liar or something and all they ended up doing is blowing up their own games, getting their #alliance exposed and having their plans for throwing comps etc exposed too and basically looking like idiots, putting targets on their backs instead. They were soooo MAD that they went on a cyber attack and after mocking 1/3 of the cast for hours on end, even role playing as each of us, those still in the game and those already evicted they took it a step further, sending our skype info to the public, that I have had non-stop calls and messages from perverts all day. WOW right! Needless to say 2 of this alliance got evicted after they also disrespected the producer...Totally shameful and utterly SHOCKING behavior which allllll started just because I found out they wanted to throw me under the bus and couldn't handle a GG...someone who actually KNEW what LOYALTY meant!  #drama #bigbrother21 #GeorgieForBigBrother #TeaSpillingGG #YouWantTheRealTea #ORG #SpillTheTea #bullies #CyberBullying


I can't read but I'm soo sorry to hear that
God bless
Sent by Dash,Feb 27, 2021

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