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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

wait hold up

Jan 23, 2021 by Kelly0412
imagei barely skimmed eilish's blog and i sure as hell didnt read that college mla formatted essay that sweet tart posted but why is there a blog that is almost at 1000 points of an accused pedophile defending himself? THIS IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE. you guys pick and choose who to run off the website/who to cancel and its the same problem with the real world. hugs bryan jones (but in a non pedophily way unlike sweet tart)


Sent by Girllover101,Jan 23, 2021
don't worry it'll blow over - fat cunt
Sent by HighNoon,Jan 23, 2021
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Jan 23, 2021
i meant to use quotes
Sent by HighNoon,Jan 23, 2021
Sent by Olympia,Jan 23, 2021
i think cause it exposed bryan and pple hate him so they plussed it
Sent by salmaan,Jan 23, 2021

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