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Oct 27, 2020 by Kelly0412
Suitman's Survivor: El Salvador [1st/16th]
M&N's Survivor: All Stars [1st/24th]
D&B's Survivor: World's Apart [1st/16th]
Brandt69's Survivor: Nauru [1st/20th]
Suitmans Survivor: All-Stars [1st/20th]
Suitman's Survivor: Kalahari [2nd/18th]
Wills Survivor: West Indies [2nd/18th]
QWRS20: Survivor: Cinema Isles [3rd/18th]
Big Ben's Survivor: Vietnam [4th/16th]
Ians Survivor: Hatsetsu [4th/20th]
ItsOfficial's Survivor: Bora Bora [4th/20th]
TheSexiestDude990's Survivor: Honshu Island [5th/18th]
Cutthroat Survivor: Blood vs Water [5th/18th]
Big Ben's Survivor: Iran - Favorites vs Failures [6th/20]
Cutthroat Survivor: Flops vs Tops [6th/20th]
V&W Survivor: Thailand [7th/18th]
M&N's Survivor: Maui [8th/18th]
Cutthroat Survivor: Papua New Guinea [8th/16th]
A Cutthroat Birthday Bash: [9th/21st]
Purples Survivor: Echoes of The Tide [10th/16th] *Ejected*
LoganWorm's Survivor: Exile Island [11th/18th]
QWRS15: Survivor: Disneyworld [11th/24th]
Suitman's Survivor: Ragnarok [11th/24th]
Manalord's Survivor: Cagayan [11th/18th]
SurvivorFan37's Survivor Bangladesh [12th/18th]
TheSexiestDude990's Survivor: Poveglia - All Stars [12th/20th]
ItsOfficial's Survivor: Tocantins [13th/16th]
ItsOfficials Survivor: Fans vs Favorites [13th/24th]
Shadys Survivor: Isla Nubar [13th/20th]
Suitman's Survivor: Polynesia [15th/21st]
Big Ben's Survivor: Jordan [18th/18th]
Cutthroat Survivor: Melanesia - [18th/18th]
M&N's Survivor: Madagascar - Heroes vs Villains [19th/24th]
Suitman's Survivor: Indonesia [19th/20th]
ItsOffical's Survivor Hokkaido - Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty [20th/21st]
ItsOfficials Survivor: Heroes vs Villains [22nd/24th]
Big Ben's Survivor: Tuvalu - Heroes vs. Villains [24th/24th]

Cutthroat Big Brother: Money Talks [1st/16th]
QWRS12: Big Brother 3: [1st/17th]
QWRS24: Big Brother - Black Mirror [1st/17th]
Sasha's Big Brother Hell 2: [2nd/13th]
Wills Big Brother: Tree of Temptations [2nd/16th]
Sasha's Big Brother Hell 5: All Stars [2nd/14th]
Suitman's Big Brother 6 - All-Stars [2nd/16th]
SRS 12: Big Brother X [3rd/11th]
Talian's Big Brother 3: The Musical [4th/12th]
Barbiie's Big Brother 1: [4th/16th]
Sashas's Big Brother 7: [5th/16th] *Quit*
TTBB 19: Midnight Hour [5th/20th]
Jacob_C's Big Brother 4: America's Player [5th/16th]
Infinite Big Brother 1: [5th/13th]
JRBB7: The Hitman’s Agenda [6th/16th]
Suitman's Big Brother 1: [7th/16th]
QWRS18: Big Brother 5 - Under The Sea [7th/14th]
SRS 7: Big Brother (Graveyard Shift) [7th/13th]
Big Brother Unlimited 14 [9th/16th] *Quit*
BBUN14: Revival [9th/15th] *Ejected*
Barbiie's Big Brother 2: [9th/16th]
QWRS5: Big Brother 1 -Takeover [9th/20th]
Suitmans Big Brother: Endgame [11th/20th]
MK Big Brother [11th/16th] *Quit*
SRS 9: Ultimate All-Stars [12th/16th]
QWRS7: Big Brother 2 - The Hospital [14th/20th]
TTBB: Tagged Away [14th/16th]

QWRS16: The Dungeon [1st/20th] *Partner with Cyrus*
QWRS17: Free For All [1st/26th]
Eoins The Challenge: Cutthroat [1st/30th] with Lemjam6, Fighterman & NatePresnell
Suitman's Flop Nation: The Genius [2nd/13th]
QWRS8: Society Game [2nd/20th]
Suitmans Flop Nation: Crisis On Infinite Formats [2nd/40th]
SARS 2: The Gauntlet [2/20]
QWRS19: The Amazing Race 1 [2nd/11th] *Partner with HowLovely*
QWRS23: The Duel (All Stars 2) [2nd/18th] *Quit*
Suitman's Flop Nation: Rivals [3rd/13th]
Suitman's Flop Nation: Im a Celebrity [3rd/14th]
MGG S1: The Duel [3rd/18th]
QWRS21: The Amazing Race 2 [3rd/11th] *Partner with AlexaVonTrayne* *Quit*
QWRS22: The Amazing Race 3 [3rd/11th] *Partner with Obstreperous*
Eoin's The Challenge: The Duel [3rd/10th]
Eoin's The Challenge: Double Cross [4th/24th]
SRS 11: I Love Money [4th/17th]
TTTC 6: Armageddon [6th/16th]
Suitman's Flop Nation: I Love Money [9th/17th]
QWRS9: All-Stars [9th/18th]
QWRS11: Last Squad Standing [9th/15th]
RSF: The Castle 2 [9th/28th]
E&F Total Madness [10th/28th] *No Red Skull*
TTTC 4: The Island [11th/20th]
E&F Total Madness [11th/28th]
QWRS13: The Biggest Loser [12th/18th] *Quit*
Eoin's The Challenge: Fresh Meat [12th/14th]
Eoin's The Challenge: Free Agents [13th/14th]
SRS 7: The Duel [13th/18th] *Quit*
TTRS: The Gauntlet 2 [14th/32nd]
QWRS6: King of The Nerds [15th/18th]
konohavillage1's I Love Money: [18th/21st]
Eoins The Challenge: War of The Worlds [21st/22nd] *Removed*
QWRS10: I Love Money [23rd/26th]
RSF: Bachelor Pad [24th/25th]
RSF: Redneck Island 2 [27th/29th]


QWRS19: The Amazing Race 1 [2nd/11th] *Partner with HowLovely*
Sent by HowLovely,Oct 27, 2020
Eoins The Challenge: War of The Worlds [21st/22nd] *Removed*
Sent by Singsongers,Oct 27, 2020
I thought this was J2999's or christian_'s statistics and then I realized they were yours

Honestly, the shock of the century
Sent by sjsoccer88,Oct 27, 2020
Suitman's Flop Nation: Rivals [3rd/13th]
Sent by _JB_,Oct 27, 2020
QWRS13: The Biggest Loser [12th/18th] *Quit*
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Oct 27, 2020
Sashas's Big Brother 7: [5th/16th] *Quit*
Sent by Batya,Oct 27, 2020
Haven’t I seen this blog before
Sent by Christian_,Oct 27, 2020

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