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Top 20 most vile group gamers coming up

Oct 24, 2020 by Kelly0412
Who will make the cut :o

And I won’t be biased. I will have a place on the list.


i hope isandeh the minie slayer is o nthe list
Sent by iSandeh,Oct 24, 2020
Sent by Christian_,Oct 24, 2020
I hope I make it
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 24, 2020
I hope I make it
Sent by J2999,Oct 24, 2020
j2999, christian_, natepresnell

i'll be waiting to see your names.
Sent by IceBeast,Oct 24, 2020
Pm me if you need ideas. I know 4-5 that should be in the top 10
Sent by sjsoccer88,Oct 24, 2020
there are some names i am anticipating and am already agreeing with.
Sent by KingGeek,Oct 24, 2020
I hope I make the list after my successful stint in I Love Money: Blood vs. Water
Sent by Insanity,Oct 24, 2020
Sent by BB5lover,Oct 24, 2020
hugs fighterman
Sent by Natepresnell,Oct 24, 2020

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