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Nominated for 7th in Stars!

4thSep 17, 2020 by Kelly0412
howdy! im not going to drag this out. while i am such a sweet charming and friendly person and should save me because of that i am going to give you reasons to evict the disgusting piece of shit next to me


1. HE IS A BORING MAYONNAISE WHITE GAMEBOT. he has tryharded every single round of this game with his weird ass and needs help, fucking freak gamebot bitch

2. EVICT HIM TO GIVE THE MINORITY A CHANCE. it was me mathboy9 thirteen and olympia against the other disgusting loser in life side. if you save me it will give us a CHANCE at a tie tomorrow, pwease <3

3. I SPICE THE GAME UP! only me thirteen and mathboy are woke in this game and i am the ONLY person not afraid to call these people out in the house chat.
one of many examples:

4. HE IS A MULTI USER. Proof Attached:

5. TYCOON IS AN EXTREME RACIST! do you spot the racial slur in his username? cause i sure as hell do!


Sent by iSandeh,Sep 17, 2020
i just think it's really funny, like honestly hilarious, and honestly i think it's so super funny and comedic, and how it's funny that no one is bringing up how tycoon literally, like it's so funny, but he honestly doesn't even, and it's really fun how he shouldn't even be here because it's so funny that no one is bringing it up even. like seriously???
Sent by KayleighWinz,Sep 17, 2020
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Sent by KingGeek,Sep 17, 2020
blow his ass up on CYA Speaks
Sent by DaveLooney,Sep 17, 2020

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