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  1. i aint no dumb blonde
  2. serving
  3. Here is my stars blog.
  4. nominated for 5th in stars
  5. u ok?
  6. wtf
  7. WOW!
  8. im the last unnominated in stars
  9. wait huh
  10. unnominated till final 9
  11. i love games
  12. stars really is so frustrating
  13. oh wow im going up in stars
  14. luv u carmen <3
  15. wow
  16. rlly swimming in stars support huh
  17. god ur so cringe lol
  18. cringe
  19. oh im team
  20. fuckin hag
  21. billie eilish is so bad
  22. i-
  23. beyonce hag
  24. wow
  25. im back.
  26. i am back.
  27. give me 500 dollars
  28. I killed him
  29. I don’t get the issue
  30. on call with my friend <3
  31. bop
  32. i am in disgust
  34. No title
  35. i wish people knew this song
  36. whoever added me to a
  37. wtf is an antonb
  38. drink my blog pic
  39. Julia Brewster
  40. diamonds all over my body

nominated for 5th in stars

4thFeb 8, 2019 by Kelly0412
unnominated till final 5 i had to slay the trenches and get down and dirty and deal with big bam and his crew and that drama and talk to disgusting people like daulton and birks and shit and thats why you should save ME and not sprtsgy who VOLUNTEERED against me to take me out this week.
thanks gays

Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Feb 8, 2019
unnommed until f5 isn't unnommed u sheep
Sent by FighterMan,Feb 8, 2019
gl i love u
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by Batya,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by Ribbons,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Feb 8, 2019
Hey guys can I get people to mail Suitman13 the following
“Helps Alan up the hill for Team Tigers”

Support Kelly and Alan
Sent by AlanDuncan,Feb 8, 2019
evicted because Jun
Sent by maturo,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by top20fan33,Feb 8, 2019

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