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  1. i aint no dumb blonde
  2. serving
  3. Here is my stars blog.
  4. nominated for 5th in stars
  5. u ok?
  6. wtf
  7. WOW!
  8. im the last unnominated in stars
  9. wait huh
  10. unnominated till final 9
  11. i love games
  12. stars really is so frustrating
  13. oh wow im going up in stars
  14. luv u carmen <3
  15. wow
  16. rlly swimming in stars support huh
  17. god ur so cringe lol
  18. cringe
  19. oh im team
  20. fuckin hag
  21. billie eilish is so bad
  22. i-
  23. beyonce hag
  24. wow
  25. im back.
  26. i am back.
  27. give me 500 dollars
  28. I killed him
  29. I don’t get the issue
  30. on call with my friend <3
  31. bop
  32. i am in disgust
  34. No title
  35. i wish people knew this song
  36. whoever added me to a
  37. wtf is an antonb
  38. drink my blog pic
  39. Julia Brewster
  40. diamonds all over my body

Top 25 favorite singers (#25/#24)

Jun 8, 2018 by Kelly0412
everyblog till top 15 will be doubles ru

#25 is Jessica Simpson!

i really love like 3 of her songs a lot but i havent rlly gotten into her albums like the rest of the singers on this list. shes a republican and she has like no talent and she was known for being a less famous britney spears so work i guess

Fave songs by her
1. With You
2. A little bit
3. I think im in love with you

#24 is Katy Perry!

Growing up California Gurls used to be my favorite song of all time, and then i woke up, i still like her and give everything she puts out a chance but im just team taylor ru (spoiler oops) i also think shes rlly cringey which is funny for a while but also painful to watch

fave songs by her

#1 California Gurls
#2 Waking up in vegas
#3 this is what we do




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Cool choices! for Jessica I would have chosen A Little Bit, With You and What's It Gonna Be. I just love love love the last one. It's her angry heartbreak song haha
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