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  1. i aint no dumb blonde
  2. serving
  3. Here is my stars blog.
  4. nominated for 5th in stars
  5. u ok?
  6. wtf
  7. WOW!
  8. im the last unnominated in stars
  9. wait huh
  10. unnominated till final 9
  11. i love games
  12. stars really is so frustrating
  13. oh wow im going up in stars
  14. luv u carmen <3
  15. wow
  16. rlly swimming in stars support huh
  17. god ur so cringe lol
  18. cringe
  19. oh im team
  20. fuckin hag
  21. billie eilish is so bad
  22. i-
  23. beyonce hag
  24. wow
  25. im back.
  26. i am back.
  27. give me 500 dollars
  28. I killed him
  29. I don’t get the issue
  30. on call with my friend <3
  31. bop
  32. i am in disgust
  34. No title
  35. i wish people knew this song
  36. whoever added me to a
  37. wtf is an antonb
  38. drink my blog pic
  39. Julia Brewster
  40. diamonds all over my body

Not trying to get involved

Jun 2, 2018 by Kelly0412
But who the hell is matisse and why is everyone and their mother trying to come for this hag like every day I see a top blog about her but I’ve never seen her retaliate or do anything mean... idgi some1 please explain


shes awful in games with people and when people expose her with the real tea she runs and hides behind the 16 year old boy she's catfishing @ age 55
Sent by peace123,Jun 2, 2018
After all this time, if you haven't seen her doin g anything mean, then you should check your eyes, girl!

This 55 years-old lady, whose name is Matisse, enjoys bullying people, and she's also a pedophile and a racist, so be careful, she's dangerous

she joins the games with her slaves who are a group of multis of the same ilk as her
Here you have her pic
Sent by KatieBell,Jun 2, 2018
She tells people to kill themselves, and that they should have been aborted.
Sent by BambiBoo6,Jun 2, 2018

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