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16thNov 21, 2016 by Kelly0412
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Adam, Thanks for everything in the past year. its been a rocky road, first when we started talking last year in November and than we hated each other and I use to make fun of your autisticness and now we are just really close, you always are happy to help me and other and always make others and myself happy, I can call you whenever get advice from you whenever and your rlly good at those things although your only 14 ( now turning 15) I hope you do have an amzing day because your deserve it so much, even though you do sound like a goat when you sing you are the cutest lil thing ever, mathgirl or mathboy who ever you are I love them both because you are a amazing person and never let anything get you down, tysm for everything again and I know I can continue and we can continue being friends and count on eachother whenever. love from your bestie Erick < 3
( p.s) I'm the lioness and your the baby cub NO ONE EVER MESSES WITH ME ERICS CUBS OR HE WILL FUCK EM Up luv u bud< 3

Rperduex11 -
First of all you are not a day over 14. I've been on call with you- but you're so awesome I absolutely love to do frookies with you, even though we flop 99% of the time, it's still fun. Thank you for all the hunger/frookies memories, have a great birthday. Love ya!

We started going on skype calls with Kelly & Nicky where we played roblox games and bullied 12 year olds. We became close friends and I'm glad I had the chance to meet you!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! We haven’t talked much, but hopefully we will soon after this! I hope you have a great one!

Adam my baby happy birthday I wish u all the best and I hope you have the most amazing time ever < 3 We usually don't talk that much but i'm glad i've got to know u better and i hope u finally lose ur virginity on ur birthday to some 30 yr old millionaire tyvm Ily < 33333333333333

"Happy birthday Adam! ur an amazing friend and I hope you have an amazing day.. I really enjoy talking to u on call and pms and im glad ur there for me :) ur one of my best friends and ur really nice, amazing and funny and there are many other reasons why I enjoy talking to you!"

Math boy you have autism, and the time you and your grandma got hit by a car it was iconic. You sound like a girl and is nicky your sister? HBD < 3 masonx

Adam , you are such a great person, and I know sometimes I can get on your nerves, but without you I would've never had played stars and I am so thankful for you. You helped me gift almost all my gifts for my shop and you did it well.  Your so nice and your always willing to help others with things that you are capable of, Thanks for always being there when I need you bro. Top respect!

happy bday fatty!!!!!! miss when u would flop in my antm skype games luv ya sis

HAY ADAM happy birthday bud!! ilysm and ur so fun to talk to on calls and to play roblox with. we are so victimized in the MC but thats okay bc we r perf. ur so funny and a great friend and i'm thankful to have someone like u =) happy birfday x GO PARTY HARD !!!!

adam, your roblox character may be ugly and you know mathboy15 gets around with that headdress but your personality isn't ugly! you're a very fun person to be on call with and you're in general an amazing and funny person =]

Mathboy9 - BISHHHHH OMG FEELS LIKE LAST WEEK WE PLAYED FAST STARS AND I WAS LIKE "HOP ON CALL!" lmao! We're close friends and we have been really iconic on this site, i mean if it wasn't for us tg would be boring. Never stop being you and enjoy your birthday! Love yah hun! stay sassy x

Hey Adam < 3 Ily, Never stop playing roblox with me :) 7/10 LOL

Mathboy! We're not like SUPER close but we have an unspoken sisterly bond that keeps us loyal to each other ;) You always report when I spam your PMs and for that you're an icon & pinnacle of friendship. Thank you for being #TeamL and I hope we find our way into many f2s soon! :* I still kick your ass at binb!

Adam smells

Happy birthday I'm surprised you survived to 15 since you are sooooooo autistic. I have known u for a year or 2 and I'm happy I met you!!!!!!! I remember when I first met you I called you annoying as soon as you left call but now you sure aren't annoying!! Happy birthday :)

Hi Adam, I really don't know you all that well, but you seem like a really nice and enjoyable person. I hope your birthday is as special as you want it to be. Happy Birthday, < 3 Sasha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM :) i think you are a nice kid and youve got a bright future ahead of you! i am glad we talk every now and then, you are quite kind hearted ^_^ love ya buddy, have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

idk you irell but ur probably fat irl

Ok so its yours birthday AND YOUR AUTISTIC ASS BARELY TOLD ME IN ADVANCE SO IT WAS A STRUGGLE FINDING A LOT OF PEOPLE TO MAKE THIS BLOG. anywwwwwwwayyyyyyyy ive known you for a while and I will say you are by FAR my favorite sheep on Tengaged.Com. but in all seriousness you are bright, funny and one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever seen, you are amazing and you deserve the absolute best in life. (PS) if you evict me in a skype game like you did that one time I will personally travel to your house and kill you and become Jennifers son :)


Thanks for asking me
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< 3333
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me at this
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yay hes finally 12!!
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happy birthday mathboy9
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Math boy you have autism, and the time you and your grandma got hit by a car it was iconic. You sound like a girl and is nicky your sister? HBD < 3 masonx
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