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Please just hear me out

12thDec 11, 2020 by Kaylabby
Hello Tengaged, to whoever has been offended or upset due to my actions this week. First and foremost, i would like to address the accusations of me being racist because I worked with Chance who is said to be racist going into this game i had no idea Chance was a racist I never really interacted with him or heard it brought up until everyone started making it known on the blogs page, had i known the situation from the start I  would’ve taken a different route in stars. I DO NOT support racism, I’m a firm believer in that everyone deserves equality and that everyone deserves to be treated equally, your skin color doesn’t define you, your sexuality doesn’t define you, your beliefs doesn’t define you. What does define you is who you are as a person. I am sorry to whomever took offense to me not standing up to racism, I’m sorry to those POC who took offense to me not doing the right thing, i know some of you may never  forgive me, but just know i do support you no matter what your skin color is and that I’m sincerely sorry. Secondly, I would like to address the school shooter, while I did know who Austin is, what he has done over the years. I truly believe a person can change, boy oh boy was I most definitely proved wrong this week. From what I’ve witnessed this week based off his actions, Austin will be in jail again in no time. I chose a game over realizing someone who threatens to do something will more than likely do it eventually even if its not soon. Im really disgusted by Austin, I’m ashamed to have worked with him. I DO NOT support or condone someone who wants to harm innocent children, or that keeps making “joking” comments or blogs about school’s or children. Enough is enough Austin, you better get yourself together or you will be spending the rest of your life behind bars. Thirdly, I wanted to address the bullying and harassment that resulted from this stars. Im human i make mistakes, i go down paths that I shouldn’t but don’t realize its a bad path until its too late. I find it really sad that people want to attack me and say all this stuff about me when they don’t really know where i stand on such topics. I don’t believe that this should’ve gotten this far because I didn’t speak up, Yes I agree I should’ve stood up, and spoken my feelings, my stance on those situations sooner, but once again i am human i make mistakes, I’m not perfect. next time i will 100% speak up on such topics that should come about. Once again Tengaged I’m sorry for my actions and everything that has happen over the past week. Some of you may never forgive me and I completely understand. But I felt I owed everyone an apology especially the ones who thought Im racist towards them.

Thank you,


it's ok girl you're out of the game you just aligned w very horrible people
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haylee <333
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