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I laugh at the people

Nov 29, 2020 by Kaylabby
Who think my user is pronounced kay labby... like what... its KAYLA BBY DUHHHH


Kay Labby
Sent by Zeptis,Nov 29, 2020
DUH rollingderp
Sent by mahogany,Nov 29, 2020
I used to think it was pronounced kay labby
Sent by 3pi14159,Nov 29, 2020
mahogany why are you nommed who needs to catch my hands
Sent by Kaylabby,Nov 29, 2020
I was today years old when I learned this
Sent by Insanity,Nov 29, 2020
*shakes* I don't wanna catch those hands!
Sent by Zeptis,Nov 29, 2020
baby minus the a. come on people
Sent by woeisme,Nov 29, 2020
insanity youve been around since i was a noob you shoulda known this by now!!!
Sent by Kaylabby,Nov 30, 2020
i never even considered LABBY before

but now i can't unsee it... LMAO
Sent by lemonface,Nov 30, 2020
I definitely thought it was kay labby oops
Sent by Heavenlee,Nov 30, 2020
I always knew it was Kayla baby but I can’t unsee Kay Labby now
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Nov 30, 2020
Omg  hahahah for like the first 5 years I ever knew you, I thought it was that :0
Sent by staymellow,Nov 30, 2020

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