Big Brother and online Hunger games.

How do yall

Aug 24, 2020 by Kaylabby
Stay focused while doing college at home? I need tips asap


Get a phone jail
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Aug 24, 2020
I do something called school escape room (I swear i'm not joking lmao). I decide that until I complete ____, I am not allowed out of my room.. NO exceptions (Unless I need to pee extremely badly). I still allow myself on my phone and whatnot, but i'm much more motivated to finish if i want to eat/go for a run/do whatever else, and i want to leave my room. I promise this works for me haha ik its a bit weird
Sent by tycoon1234,Aug 24, 2020
Try tycoon1234’s strategy I find it very effective
Sent by 3pi14159,Aug 24, 2020

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