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  1. Today is the day
  2. When people have little
  3. Hey y’all
  4. Physically and mentally
  5. Goodnight babies
  6. Best friend
  7. Welp
  8. When one of your irl
  9. Hey friends
  10. Anyone else anxious
  11. Stars on Saturday?
  12. How do you convince
  13. My kittens
  14. Does discord
  15. Hi
  16. This is bullshit
  17. Should you always
  18. Hello
  19. How do you uncare about someone?
  20. Wow
  21. Feeling so unloved
  22. I wish
  23. When you get cute new clothes
  24. Off work yayy
  25. Soo tired
  26. Goodnight babiesss
  27. I love coming home
  28. Some people
  29. Ready for that after work
  30. Whats a logical
  31. Please come at me again, i dare you.
  32. People are so selfish
  33. Why do people think
  34. Hey
  35. When one of the people
  36. Lol stupid
  37. Wow
  38. Another day
  39. Im so ready for bed
  40. My bestie

Its really funny

15thJan 13, 2020 by Kaylabby
That Ethan000 claims he regrets how he has handled things with me in the past, and that we are supposedly on “good terms” but in reality he ignores me, and doesn’t really bother. Can you maybe just be a decent fucking human and be honest with me? I’ve backed off a lot only messaging once in a blue moon so idk what more you want.


1. Ethan's amazing
2. He's not into girls
Sent by NicoleF,Jan 13, 2020
Really.. this kind of drama should be handled in pms?
And I thought he was gay what
Sent by Minie,Jan 13, 2020
Sent by Ethan000,Jan 13, 2020
Sent by galore,Jan 13, 2020
girl i get it, ethan is as fake as press on nails
Sent by Lalisa,Jan 14, 2020

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