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Should the person who caused

Dec 11, 2019 by Kaylabby
You to be traumatized and have ptsd about the events be allowed to be apart of you trying to recover and help you get better from it?


no, not never but put yourself first
Sent by Tanarexix,Dec 11, 2019
You can always choose to forgive but become a part again would be a no-no.
Sent by galore,Dec 11, 2019
Depends on the trauma and how severe the trauma was in the first place. No, you should never let someone like a rapist back into your life. But there are forms of trauma that can be helped by self forgiveness
Sent by zorbo678,Dec 11, 2019
I guess it depends on the reason. If you genuinely feel like it could help you in some way, then by all means, get what you need out of it. But if you're doing it to help them grow and forgive themselves, I'd say no. You don't owe them anything and you're on YOUR time.
Sent by Jacadeux,Dec 11, 2019

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