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  1. Gonna be starting
  2. Bro
  3. Should the person who caused
  4. I just want orange juice
  5. When you wake up
  6. Joining stars
  7. Why do people spam me
  8. Hello
  9. I miss him...
  10. Finally hit overtime
  11. Why do people
  12. Just another normal day
  13. I wish
  14. I miss him
  15. When they call you in for a 4 hour shift
  16. Wanna play stars
  17. Robbed ass bitch
  18. Vans or converse?
  19. Good morning!
  20. Not sure why
  21. Life is so hard
  22. I wish rainy days
  23. Yikes
  24. I feel so weird
  25. Lol
  26. Workin 8-4 today ugh
  27. I have my thermostat
  28. I work 7 hours
  29. Gotta love going
  30. Hey yall
  31. I love being in the wrong
  32. Hello
  33. Bruh i just got the new
  34. Works from 8 to 2
  35. I called to reschedule
  36. How do people
  37. Is it social
  38. I miss my kittens
  39. Getting wine drunk
  40. Now I understand

I work 7 hours

Nov 15, 2019 by Kaylabby
And the bathrooms are damn closed at work


This is illegal if you live in the US. Restroom facilities must be provided to employees. Call your boss and tell them that you will sue the company for an OSHA violation if they do not open the restrooms.
Sent by Moonfelar,Nov 15, 2019

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