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3 of my managers

Sep 23, 2019 by Kaylabby
At work almost got into a fist fight... in front of our customers... yikes


what were they fighting about?
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 23, 2019
kindred7 over the fact i needed a doctors note for my back. This one manager told the other manager that i couldnt lift heavy things then the manager still asked me to grab the gaint thing of sweet tea i told her i couldnt because my back. Shes like fine but you need a doctors note. I said i will get one and went about my day well then the first manager was like “see i told you, did you not believe me” then the third manager jumps in saying she has to have a doctors note etc so then the first manager tells them both to shut the fuck up and then second manager goes im gonna pop you in the mouth... during our rush hour. If anyone shouldve had a problem with the situation of me needing a doctors note shouldve been me. I was okay with it, and went about ny day smh
Sent by Kaylabby,Sep 23, 2019
Kaylabby wow lol you're causing a lot of ruckus at work! But good for you for just staying uninvolved lol
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 23, 2019
Kindred7 i dont know why it escalated to that point. I was fine with needing to get a doctors note
Sent by Kaylabby,Sep 23, 2019
(my tags have stopped working btw which is why i'm not tagging you)
but yeah i have no idea - seems a bit extreme LOL maybe they were trying to figure out what the right policy for the future was
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 23, 2019

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