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  1. I dont want to be married anymor
  2. People who purposely
  3. When your manager
  4. Not having to worry
  5. Its only 7:30 pm
  6. Lmfao i was taking
  7. Probably gonna beat
  8. I have no will
  9. Wheres my virgos at?
  10. Thank god
  11. cant wait to go home
  12. If i sit in my house
  13. Piece of shit
  14. When your roommates
  15. Hello
  16. When the gas pump
  17. Hi welcome to ghost town
  18. I still haven’t received
  19. Can my roommates leave yet
  20. Nothing like catching
  21. Gonna go pet
  22. Dont get married friends
  23. I love my Jimmy
  24. Ask me
  25. A customer just asked for my number
  26. My coworker
  27. Am i hot yet?
  28. Why do people need to lie?
  29. Got a new job yay
  30. My roommates are so rude
  31. I hate lazy coworkers
  32. Who wants to talk
  33. Its sad when you dont
  34. I am so insecure
  35. Who wants to play
  36. You dont know what being alone is
  37. Who ever nommed
  38. How can people be
  39. Hey babies
  40. Its so rude

I still haven’t received

Aug 29, 2019 by Kaylabby
My last check from my employer, stupid bitches give me my money


Sent by woeisme,Aug 29, 2019
i can relate :x
Sent by Arris,Aug 29, 2019

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