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  1. I have my thermostat
  2. I work 7 hours
  3. Gotta love going
  4. Hey yall
  5. I love being in the wrong
  6. Hello
  7. Bruh i just got the new
  8. Works from 8 to 2
  9. I called to reschedule
  10. How do people
  11. Is it social
  12. I miss my kittens
  13. Getting wine drunk
  14. Now I understand
  15. Theres only so much
  16. Report to skype
  17. If i had a $1 for
  18. How would you handle
  19. Such a mood
  20. I can not
  21. I really wish
  22. I draw the line
  23. My kittens
  24. My kittens
  25. Heres one of my kittens
  26. My house
  27. I want my kittens
  28. My husband wants to name
  29. Selfie time
  30. Lol
  31. Getting 2 kitties today!
  32. I wanna run away
  33. I want kittens
  34. Whats something
  35. Thanks for the gift
  36. My roommates
  37. I hate you
  38. Tonight is the night
  39. Physically and mentally
  40. When your half asleep

Can my roommates leave yet

Aug 29, 2019 by Kaylabby
I just wanna go make breakfast without them breathing down my neck


Same same my roomies are always around and bringin' friends with them. I can never get a moment of peace to play Tengaged! It's so frustrating I want to scream but if I do they'll ask my why I'm screaming because they'll invariably be there when I shout. I just want to play Tengaged without being molested.
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Aug 29, 2019

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