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  1. I dont want to be married anymor
  2. People who purposely
  3. When your manager
  4. Not having to worry
  5. Its only 7:30 pm
  6. Lmfao i was taking
  7. Probably gonna beat
  8. I have no will
  9. Wheres my virgos at?
  10. Thank god
  11. cant wait to go home
  12. If i sit in my house
  13. Piece of shit
  14. When your roommates
  15. Hello
  16. When the gas pump
  17. Hi welcome to ghost town
  18. I still haven’t received
  19. Can my roommates leave yet
  20. Nothing like catching
  21. Gonna go pet
  22. Dont get married friends
  23. I love my Jimmy
  24. Ask me
  25. A customer just asked for my number
  26. My coworker
  27. Am i hot yet?
  28. Why do people need to lie?
  29. Got a new job yay
  30. My roommates are so rude
  31. I hate lazy coworkers
  32. Who wants to talk
  33. Its sad when you dont
  34. I am so insecure
  35. Who wants to play
  36. You dont know what being alone is
  37. Who ever nommed
  38. How can people be
  39. Hey babies
  40. Its so rude

Why do people need to lie?

Aug 23, 2019 by Kaylabby


I don't know - a lot of people who lie compulsively / more than average (not white lies) seem really selfish to me and seem to care about self-preservation over others' feelings or respecting others. Although they may not mean to, sometimes (depending on the situation) it also comes across as they think they're too smart to be caught in a lie. Sometimes they do gaslighting too and make it like it's all in your head. Sometimes if you care you might call them out on it but if they make no effort to change, there's no point in continuing. If they arent a major player in your life.. i guess you could call them out on it but my personality doesn't really allow me to do that in most cases because I don't want to waste my time arguing with someone who only care about themselves
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 23, 2019
Kindred7 i like you haha youre great
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 23, 2019
Kaylabby lol you post blogs worth thought / responses :P i like you too :)
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 23, 2019
also didnt see it because i wasnt on much the past week, but congrats on the new job! hope you have better coworkers this time around
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 23, 2019

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