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  1. Its really not
  2. Fake it
  3. About to watch
  4. When you find
  5. Am i hot yet?
  6. I hate roommates
  7. My doctor wants
  8. My employer told me
  9. When you accidentally
  10. Hii
  11. When your work
  12. I am so sick
  13. Its so tempting
  14. Food makes me sick now
  15. I used to never get cramps
  16. What should i eat
  17. Hey babies
  18. What color acrylic nails
  19. Working while
  20. I just wanna go make popcorn
  21. I swear
  22. I just want to shut down
  23. Quit my job today
  24. I miss him
  25. Married life sucks
  26. I had a customer hit on me
  27. I wish i was happy
  28. Quit associating with disgusting
  29. Dealing with legal shit
  30. Having to go from crying
  31. Thanks for the gifts boo馃槝
  32. Anyone else
  33. I can kiss someone brand new
  34. Worst night
  35. Wish i didnt have to work
  36. Or like
  37. What happens if you get hired
  38. What should i have for lunch
  39. My stars winner
  40. Ask me

When you figure out your exes

Jun 18, 2019 by Kaylabby
Password and log on to their social media馃槀

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