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  1. Thanks for the gifts boo馃槝
  2. Anyone else
  3. I can kiss someone brand new
  4. Worst night
  5. Wish i didnt have to work
  6. Or like
  7. What happens if you get hired
  8. What should i have for lunch
  9. My stars winner
  10. Ask me
  11. Stars today?
  12. Hey yall
  13. Dill pickle
  14. Love of my life
  15. Idiots who lie
  16. Hey y鈥檃ll
  17. What should i do
  18. I start work next week
  19. IM so sick
  20. The culture shock
  21. Im officially married
  22. I am so stressed
  23. How do people live in texas
  24. Got the job:)
  25. Interview
  26. Tengaged has become
  27. Tomorrow
  28. How do people
  29. Debating on ending
  30. Why is changing
  31. July 20th
  32. Some guys
  33. Hi
  34. How come pets are
  35. Who lives in North Carolina
  36. Birthday dinner ideas
  37. Y鈥檃ll i just got an interview
  38. Today is so depressing
  39. Hey y鈥檃ll
  40. Happy birthday to me

I wish this bitch

Jun 15, 2019 by Kaylabby
Would hurry up and send the money she owes me, so i can block her.


meet her face to face
Sent by woeisme,Jun 15, 2019

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