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  1. What are some good sleeping pills?
  2. Its wayy too hot outside馃槱
  3. Nothing like making a plate of food
  4. Shoutout to whoever
  5. If you tell your significant other
  6. When you see your ex
  7. When will i realize
  8. Took a year
  9. There comes a time
  10. Its sooo weird
  11. Why is it so awkward
  12. Lovin my new top鈾ワ笍
  13. I honestly just
  14. Im bored
  15. Get you a man
  16. Happy birthday my love
  17. Hmm
  18. Kinda want something from shops
  19. Why have i just NOW
  20. When they got the alcohol
  21. Why do all my decisions
  22. Ugh anon knows me so well
  23. I dont even have my life together
  24. Good morning babies
  25. You鈥檇 think at almost 22
  26. So tired of feeling depressed
  27. Why is that the older
  28. Hey
  29. Hey babies
  30. Sometimes i just gotta
  31. My anxiety can鈥檛 handle
  32. Stars support
  33. Stars today ladies?
  34. Wheres my
  35. You are a joke.
  36. I swear the next time
  37. Wow love starting my day off
  38. Good morning babies
  39. Nothings worse
  40. Hi

Its so sad

Jan 10, 2019 by Kaylabby
Watching my friend with PTSD being admitted into the psych ward in the hospital. I hope they get the help they need, and come out stronger

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