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  1. Hey y’all
  2. Happy birthday to me
  3. My birthday
  4. Sonics or pizza?
  5. Going above and beyond
  6. My birthday is legit
  7. I was getting lunch with my guy
  8. When you figure out your exes
  9. Do i even have friends
  10. Swearing on a bible
  11. I have to pee
  12. 7 days til my birthday
  13. Nothin like sitting
  14. Hey friends
  15. I wish this bitch
  16. I am so sorry
  17. Getting on birth control
  18. Don’t pretend
  19. I just got called
  20. So glad I outgrew
  21. Omg you are so kind
  22. Sometimes you have to fight
  23. Hey friends
  24. getting shots are so painful
  25. 12 days
  26. Im too nice
  27. Tonight was a shit show.
  28. Me and the girl
  29. Doing what i think is best
  30. When will i learn
  31. Asking for a friend
  32. Whatever happens tonight
  33. This guy at my hair salon
  34. Im so lonely:(
  35. Why is my birthday month
  36. Going to check on my baby
  37. When you cant tell your
  38. Bruhhh
  39. All this boyfriend talk..
  40. 18 days til my bday

Doing opinions so pyn in the ask box

Jan 5, 2019 by Kaylabby

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