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  1. Thank you to my gifter
  2. Who wants to be friendsv
  3. Good morning
  4. Hey
  5. Yall i think
  6. If they talkin about
  7. Heyy!
  8. Lol why am I trending
  9. In the end
  10. Heyy
  11. Is anyone elses
  12. Mom
  13. Heyy
  14. I hate when I get
  15. Im about to drink a whole
  16. I need peoples opinion
  17. I have an interview
  18. Goodnight babies
  19. I wish i never
  20. Someones Catfishing
  21. Im so fucking tired
  22. Yay thank you for my gift
  23. Idc what anyone says
  24. How does someone
  25. Heyyy
  26. Stars support
  27. Got a job interview
  28. oml
  29. Oml
  30. Should i do a solo this Christmas?
  31. Lmfao
  32. I swear one day
  33. Im at that age
  34. Omg
  35. My mom is talking to her
  36. Ugh my make up
  37. Good morning yall
  38. Sometimes i wish
  39. Skypeee omg the tea is real
  40. I wanna play a group game

How does someone

Dec 2, 2018 by Kaylabby
Tylerk That barely played tengaged anymore win stars? Oh yeah multis right. Maybe you should earn your rank on this site and be active to gain supporters and not have to resort to rigging the polls with multis... idk just a thought


1. i didnt use multis
2. if someone did use multis to vote for me i didnt/dont know about it
3. i thought we were cool
Sent by TylerK,Dec 2, 2018
TylerK all the evidence leading up to this proves either wise. And just because we are cool doesnt mean i cant stand up for whats right.
Sent by Kaylabby,Dec 2, 2018
if i win can you blog the same thing about me
Sent by Milkisgood,Dec 2, 2018
I cannot tell if this blog is trolling or not O.o

TylerK is just not even on the list of top 100 people I'd believe used multis to win, you said yourself he barely plays anymore so why would he give enough of a fuck to log into 200 accounts for a prize that's almost meaningless to him?
Sent by mastropola,Dec 2, 2018

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