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  1. Hey yall
  2. Someone cheer me up
  3. I wish i could perm
  4. What should i eat?
  5. If i dont lose my patience
  6. I want Swarovski
  7. Im so stressed
  8. Life advice
  9. Blocked
  10. Can you just flirt with me?
  11. I move out
  12. Gonna eat some humble pie
  13. Its so nice
  14. Ugh
  15. Tomorrow
  16. Can i blow your whistle?
  17. When your favorite YouTuber
  18. Not being allowed to take YOUR
  19. Why is me reading
  20. I need advice
  21. Happy birthday!
  22. What kind of chips
  23. Nothing like
  24. Dude, i just want to hook up
  25. Something about
  26. You would figure
  27. Ask me:) open to any questions
  28. Hello
  29. Today would鈥檝e been
  30. To gift myself
  31. I am so done
  32. When he says hes a virgin...
  33. Happy birthday
  34. 10/10
  35. I just tried to shape my own brows
  36. Bang bang ask me
  37. Shoutout to my new friend
  38. Good ways
  39. I know everything
  40. Ask me questions

Im at that age

Nov 28, 2018 by Kaylabby
Where people think im old enough to go out drinking, so im like constantly getting invited but like i still have a year and 7 months before i legally can馃槶


the drinking age really should just be 18 lol
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Nov 28, 2018
memphis_grizzlies i agree
Sent by Kaylabby,Nov 28, 2018

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