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  1. I hate people
  2. I need you
  3. Im hungry
  4. I wish people
  5. Stars this weekend?
  6. Hey yall
  7. Someone cheer me up
  8. I wish i could perm
  9. What should i eat?
  10. If i dont lose my patience
  11. I want Swarovski
  12. Im so stressed
  13. Life advice
  14. Blocked
  15. Can you just flirt with me?
  16. I move out
  17. Gonna eat some humble pie
  18. Its so nice
  19. Ugh
  20. Tomorrow
  21. Can i blow your whistle?
  22. When your favorite YouTuber
  23. Not being allowed to take YOUR
  24. Why is me reading
  25. I need advice
  26. Happy birthday!
  27. What kind of chips
  28. Nothing like
  29. Dude, i just want to hook up
  30. Something about
  31. You would figure
  32. Ask me:) open to any questions
  33. Hello
  34. Today would鈥檝e been
  35. To gift myself
  36. I am so done
  37. When he says hes a virgin...
  38. Happy birthday
  39. 10/10
  40. I just tried to shape my own brows

Why do i get the bottom

Nov 19, 2018 by Kaylabby
Of the barrel guys馃槶 this guy I was with straight up smells like garbage

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