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  1. Brooski
  2. Hoe
  3. Hey babes
  4. Idk why
  5. I will never understand
  6. You could have all the proof
  7. Prince charming,
  8. Makin peanut butter cookies
  9. Why are peoples body counts
  10. I used to never like
  11. How do you tell your parents
  12. Its only been a day
  13. Im a wrecking ball tonight
  14. Why cant people just
  15. You are perfect
  16. Hey babes
  17. I HATE when “rising stars”
  18. Hey Rando!!!
  19. Saddest thing is..
  20. Wheres my little ray of sunshine😭
  21. The only way this site
  22. Kinda want that kim top
  23. Yall have lost
  24. Never like two people
  25. Just because i don’t acknowledge
  26. Good night
  27. Thanks for my gift♥️
  28. Whats the rage
  29. Hello
  30. What should i have for lunch
  31. Hi friends
  32. Is buying Sky
  33. I asked someone
  34. Wtf at the snap update🙄
  35. Kinda wanna perm myself
  36. Would you continue
  37. What are good jobs
  38. Driving and having adhd
  39. My Jimmy is alive
  40. Someone post something


Nov 7, 2018 by Kaylabby
I feel like just playing stars so i can just blur out my real life for a week

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