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This guy with my same name

Nov 3, 2018 by Kaylabby
Wants me to go to a party with him, hes cute and all but i dont know how i feel about the same name thing 馃檭 what should i do?


a guy's named kayla...?
Sent by Obstreperous,Nov 3, 2018
Obstreperous my real name isnt Kayla
Sent by Kaylabby,Nov 3, 2018
Why do you care about the same name thing? :0
Sent by TR1364,Nov 3, 2018
TR1364 im not sure, it just feels weird i guess
Sent by Kaylabby,Nov 3, 2018
i was like same name kayla?

but his name is robin?? i havent heard that as a guy name in agres
Sent by owlb0ned,Nov 3, 2018
just be like hey can you change your name legally?
Sent by ShanteYouSlay,Nov 3, 2018

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