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  1. I am allowed to have an opinion
  2. Bro you are so fucking ugly
  3. bruh
  4. imagine getting drunk
  5. Your a shit person
  6. Hi
  7. Someone dress my avi
  8. does using a calculate
  9. Why do i keep getting
  10. Goodnight bby
  11. Can i just skip tomorrow ?
  12. Hey babies
  13. I wish there
  14. I miss my bff
  15. I can eat coconut cake or coconut shavings
  16. what are some good
  17. if I had a charity
  18. heyyyy
  19. Who wants to be friends
  20. Being snapchat famous
  21. Whyy is it a thing
  22. Just made chocolate cupcakes
  23. Hey yall
  24. Thanks to who ever
  25. What are so cute valentine
  27. Im so nervous
  28. I think you should be
  29. I freaking hate
  30. Ugh
  31. Im the worst at keeping surprises
  32. Hey yall its your judge Camilla Cabello
  33. Are there any vegans on this site?
  34. Idk why people
  35. Ugh pray for me
  36. Stress is gonna eat me alive
  37. Hope everyone has a great day
  38. Hey babies
  40. Thanks to my gifter♥️

When your friend

Sep 21, 2018 by Kaylabby
Has you meet them somewhere and then they dont text you when you get there.... fuck my life


hates when that happens
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Sep 21, 2018
Was it the security guard
Sent by astone929,Sep 21, 2018
astone929 EW NO
Sent by Kaylabby,Sep 21, 2018
it's a set up. Leave
Sent by woeisme,Sep 21, 2018

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