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  1. Nothing is more cringe
  2. Its a pool day
  3. I swear its about to start snowing
  4. Im on a war path
  5. I want revenge
  6. Its only 8 pm
  7. Just because someone has the looks
  8. 41 degrees is sooo cold馃槱
  9. I have so many cute designs now
  10. Im so hoping
  11. Yay thanks who gifted me
  12. Suck my ass
  13. Anyone know of any
  14. You asked for it bitch
  15. Happy birthday mama
  16. What are things to eat
  17. Who wants to talk
  18. Im sad
  19. Hello
  20. I am allowed to have an opinion
  21. Bro you are so fucking ugly
  22. bruh
  23. imagine getting drunk
  24. Your a shit person
  25. Hi
  26. Someone dress my avi
  27. does using a calculate
  28. Why do i keep getting
  29. Goodnight bby
  30. Can i just skip tomorrow ?
  31. Hey babies
  32. I wish there
  33. I miss my bff
  34. I can eat coconut cake or coconut shavings
  35. what are some good
  36. if I had a charity
  37. heyyyy
  38. Who wants to be friends
  39. Being snapchat famous
  40. Whyy is it a thing

Im getting tired of my current

Sep 14, 2018 by Kaylabby
Hair color, but dont know what to dye it next


highlights x Im getting an update on my roots and Im toning up the highlights to come out more
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Sep 14, 2018
Girls change their hair when they can鈥檛 change something that鈥檚 bothering them emotionally.  What鈥檚 bothering you?
Sent by Scononduders,Sep 14, 2018
scononduders im perfectly content nothing is bothering me
Sent by Kaylabby,Sep 14, 2018

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