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  2. Stars this weekend?
  3. Its sad to say this
  4. Ask me
  5. Come on Admin
  6. Ugh i think you are so cute
  7. I literally slept 12 hours
  8. When your chillin at a party
  9. Im getting a tat rn
  10. Pho is soo gross
  11. im so angry
  12. Is malibu good?
  13. Why can i never find plans
  14. Im getting tired of my current
  15. Its such a tough
  16. Im soo tired of the 80 degree
  17. Tacobell isnt
  18. Goodnight babies
  19. Ask me some q’s
  20. Brycee baby
  21. Sometimes i wish
  22. I hate receiving phone calls
  23. Who wants to follow for follow
  24. Selfie mondayyyy!
  25. Play castings with meee
  26. Im so hungry
  27. Ask me
  28. Why am i so hated
  29. I cant believe i ever hated
  30. I go quack
  31. Good morning babies
  32. I love my best friend
  33. Respond to my snaps
  34. Who on here
  35. Stars support
  36. Its been over a year
  37. Good morning
  38. Im so excited to be getting married
  39. I just ate Buffalo Wild Wings
  40. You people literally evicted me

I just ate Buffalo Wild Wings

Sep 7, 2018 by Kaylabby
For the first time, and i feel like im gonna vomit


That’s my favorite place to eat. What did you get??
Sent by Bandnerd,Sep 7, 2018
bandnerd wings parmasen garlic, thai curry, and zingy Asian
Sent by Kaylabby,Sep 7, 2018
gotta get that honey bbq or spicy garlic hun
Sent by underwzc,Sep 7, 2018
omg I love buffalo wings

Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Sep 7, 2018
buffalo wild wings is amazing
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Sep 8, 2018

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