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  1. Im craving a turkey burger
  2. Ask me
  3. My friend is getting
  4. Stars support
  5. Stars?
  6. I wish you鈥檇 notice me
  7. Can my night
  8. Its so awkward
  9. I havent played stars
  10. Ask me
  11. Im literally 3 followers
  12. I cant wait for boot camp
  13. Hey babies
  14. You鈥檒l be fucking sorry
  15. Im getting in N out
  16. Im so ready
  17. God i hate when people
  18. Hi babies
  19. I blame tengaged
  20. Why do i always
  21. Ask me
  22. Join castings with mee
  23. Is it rude to remove someone
  24. Hi icon
  25. Hey
  26. Ive never had pho
  27. When you awkwardly
  28. I wish i could go swimming
  29. This place
  30. Uff im so lucky
  31. Happy birthday baby馃挀
  32. Who lives in
  33. Should i let my moms friend
  34. Someone help
  35. Not today satan
  36. Hey babies
  37. My first tat
  38. I just got tattooed
  39. One hour till my tattoo
  40. Does going out of your way

I wish i could go swimming

Aug 9, 2018 by Kaylabby
But no i have to wait another damn week because of my tattoo


Yeah def dont go swimming yet
Sent by Survivor8,Aug 9, 2018
survivor8 it鈥檚 tempting bc its almost done peeling just a few little patches
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 9, 2018
Hi <3
Sent by greyconverse,Aug 9, 2018

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