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  1. Ask me
  2. A customer just asked for my number
  3. My coworker
  4. Am i hot yet?
  5. Why do people need to lie?
  6. Got a new job yay
  7. My roommates are so rude
  8. I hate lazy coworkers
  9. Who wants to talk
  10. Its sad when you dont
  11. I am so insecure
  12. Who wants to play
  13. You dont know what being alone is
  14. Who ever nommed
  15. How can people be
  16. Hey babies
  17. Its so rude
  18. Fricking slay stars
  19. Its really not
  20. Fake it
  21. About to watch
  22. When you find
  23. Am i hot yet?
  24. I hate roommates
  25. My doctor wants
  26. My employer told me
  27. When you accidentally
  28. Hii
  29. When your work
  30. I am so sick
  31. Its so tempting
  32. Food makes me sick now
  33. I used to never get cramps
  34. What should i eat
  35. Hey babies
  36. What color acrylic nails
  37. Working while
  38. I just wanna go make popcorn
  39. I swear
  40. I just want to shut down

Should i let my moms friend

Aug 7, 2018 by Kaylabby
Follow me on Instagram? I find it lowkey weird


Sent by BrendaMeekz,Aug 7, 2018
i think thats rlly funny
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Aug 7, 2018

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