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Aug 2, 2018 by Kaylabby
I havent done one in a minute, so comment for a rate and a tbh, if i dont know you I鈥檒l just rate your avi!

Rate- 8
Tbh- you are one of the sweetest Tengagers that I鈥檝e come across on this site, and no matter how long I go without talking to you, you always have my back, I appreciate that about you.8 hope all is well with you bubs馃挀 stay rad

Rate- 5
Tbh- I honestly dont even have anything to say to you. You treat me like shit, you are emotionally abusive. I will never ever forget the stuff you鈥檝e said to me. So yeah go fuck yourself.

Rate- 10
Tbh- We used to be friends then shit kind of hit the fan, but recently a certain user has reunited us and im so thankful i have someone who understands the shit that the user puts me through because it鈥檚 ridiculous trying to explain to people who don鈥檛 understand but with you i dont have that problem馃挀 love you girly you are definitely a fav now

Rate- 9
Tbh- You鈥檝e always been one of those Tengagers that I would like to get to know, i admire you bubs馃挀 hmu sometime?

Rate- bms
Tbh- my iconic ass bitch, i love you endlessly, and i wouldnt trade you for the universe.

Rate- 7
Tbh- idk you bubs

Rate- theres not even a scale that even compares to how much i rate you馃挀
Tbh- back in the day you used to hate my fucking guts but this past year we鈥檝e mended our past bullshit, and became best friends. And I honestly absolutely fucking adore you, you are one of those Tengagers that really sticks out to me, that i admire and respect so greatly. You are my role model 馃挀 i love you endlessly Sandy, keep being great despite what others say i will forever be your number 1 fan

Rate- 8.5
Tbh- We used to talk frequently back in the day, but we鈥檝e definitely strayed a little bit from each over the years, but from what I remember you are a pretty rad guy. I hope we can maybe develop another friendship soon, you are one of the old school Tengagers whom I absolutely love馃挀 mail me sometime:)

Rate- 6
Tbh- you are a pretty girl.

Rate- 7
Tbh- you are such a sweet girl, but i hardly know anything about you. I would like to chat with you sometime:)

Rate- 7
Tbh- I鈥檓 slightly confused on if you like me or not?

Rate- 10000000000000000000
Tbh- is that my icon Jimmy? I fuckin love you to death. You are one of the few tengagers that actually care about me, and i will forever cherish our special friendship. We may not talk much but i will always support you and be here for you. Im your number 1 fan baby

Rate- 4.5
Tbh- erm, i always have mixed feelings about you. Some days i like you and some days i cant stand you. Idk man.


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