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  1. Sometimes i wish
  2. Im lonely so why not
  3. Hey yall
  4. Hi, i love you
  5. Wow i died last night
  6. I hate when I create
  7. I swear if i puke on
  8. Whats the quickest way
  9. Yayyy! Thank you so much
  10. When will you
  11. Im depressed
  12. I can’t stand
  13. I miss the .es and .br site
  14. Ask mee
  15. I could never date
  16. Get you a best friend
  17. Thank you to my gifter
  18. Who wants to be friendsv
  19. Good morning
  20. Hey
  21. Yall i think
  22. If they talkin about
  23. Heyy!
  24. Lol why am I trending
  25. In the end
  26. Heyy
  27. Is anyone elses
  28. Mom
  29. Heyy
  30. I hate when I get
  31. Im about to drink a whole
  32. I need peoples opinion
  33. I have an interview
  34. Goodnight babies
  35. I wish i never
  36. Someones Catfishing
  37. Im so fucking tired
  38. Yay thank you for my gift
  39. Idc what anyone says
  40. How does someone

Would it be scandalous

Jul 4, 2018 by Kaylabby
To hang out with my co worker?


not really? I guess it depends but I hang out with a lot of my coworkers and I don't consider it "Scandalous"
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Jul 4, 2018
only faggots use words like scandalous. are you a faggot?
Sent by AuthentikkXXlll,Jul 4, 2018
shadowballer000 i only ask bc i wanna make a move but at the same time he dated another one of our co workers
Sent by Kaylabby,Jul 4, 2018

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