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  1. I just chugged a whole gallon
  2. I have a hickey on my chest
  3. Its gonna be a miracle
  4. Lets get personal
  5. When you try to make a move
  6. Someone take this pain away pls
  7. Its one of those days
  8. Dying my hair🎉
  9. Bruh
  10. Its funny
  11. Hubby💓
  12. Ask me anything and everything
  13. Ask me, im so bored
  14. Who wants to be friends
  15. Even with this so called Mod,
  16. Lmfao at you people tripping
  17. When the guy im “talking” to
  18. My puppy is so big
  19. I just added someone on snap
  20. Ask me!
  21. My coworker
  22. Back to work today:(
  23. Damn it sucks
  24. Dude these people
  25. I dont even say
  26. Join hunger
  27. Rip me
  28. Naps before bed are the best
  29. Worst day ever
  30. I have strep
  31. Heyy
  32. Im getting a black cat tattoo
  33. This poor kid at my work
  34. When someone tells you about
  35. I wish uber eats took cash
  36. What should i eat for lunch
  37. Omg this weather
  38. Its supposed to be 107 degrees
  39. I miss you baby
  40. When you casually hide in the bathroom

Would it be scandalous

Jul 4, 2018 by Kaylabby
To hang out with my co worker?


not really? I guess it depends but I hang out with a lot of my coworkers and I don't consider it "Scandalous"
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Jul 4, 2018
only faggots use words like scandalous. are you a faggot?
Sent by AuthentikkXXlll,Jul 4, 2018
shadowballer000 i only ask bc i wanna make a move but at the same time he dated another one of our co workers
Sent by Kaylabby,Jul 4, 2018

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