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  1. Heyy
  2. How do you temporarily
  3. I think i might loose
  4. Wow not my parents
  5. Oops
  6. Stars support
  7. Hey babes
  8. Your new bitch is so ugly
  9. Im wearing my lion king shirt
  10. I could never date a guy
  11. Why does this always happen
  12. Good morning
  13. Ugh trying molly
  14. Oh my lord
  15. Im bored
  16. Bruh this dude on my pof
  17. I wish i got as much sleep
  18. I have a pair of my exes
  19. Hi Aidan
  20. Good morning babies
  21. What a waste
  22. Stars?
  23. Gotta love guys
  24. Its really sad
  25. How come some times
  26. Going through my first heart break
  27. Piece of shit
  28. Im kinda offended
  29. Hey babies
  30. Happy birthday Nolan
  31. The anxiety is real rn
  32. Who on here
  33. Ughh
  34. Please tell me i aint
  35. I cant stand it
  36. Good morning babies
  37. Happy birthday best friend
  38. Girl
  39. Wtf you in my hometown
  40. Its so weird

Some lady

Mar 5, 2018 by Kaylabby
Ran through the Grocery store im at screaming that her name is Tweaker Pills LMFAO I LITERALLY DIED LAUGHING


Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Mar 5, 2018

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