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  1. Im lonely so why not
  2. Hey yall
  3. Hi, i love you
  4. Wow i died last night
  5. I hate when I create
  6. I swear if i puke on
  7. Whats the quickest way
  8. Yayyy! Thank you so much
  9. When will you
  10. Im depressed
  11. I can鈥檛 stand
  12. I miss the .es and .br site
  13. Ask mee
  14. I could never date
  15. Get you a best friend
  16. Thank you to my gifter
  17. Who wants to be friendsv
  18. Good morning
  19. Hey
  20. Yall i think
  21. If they talkin about
  22. Heyy!
  23. Lol why am I trending
  24. In the end
  25. Heyy
  26. Is anyone elses
  27. Mom
  28. Heyy
  29. I hate when I get
  30. Im about to drink a whole
  31. I need peoples opinion
  32. I have an interview
  33. Goodnight babies
  34. I wish i never
  35. Someones Catfishing
  36. Im so fucking tired
  37. Yay thank you for my gift
  38. Idc what anyone says
  39. How does someone
  40. Heyyy

I wish i could be as talented

Mar 4, 2018 by Kaylabby
As Garrievans97 hes so good, his voice is amazing! Keep singing because one day you are gonna become a star 馃挆馃槏 ilysm


Sent by garrievans97,Mar 4, 2018

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