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  1. YIKES
  2. Dying my hair
  3. Its hard watching my friends
  4. Get to see my black cat today
  5. Sensing peoples bullshit
  6. Selfieeee
  7. What should i get from
  8. I just cracked my new phone
  9. It sucks that game play
  10. My phone got me fucked
  11. Omg this Stars
  12. Takin on stars today
  13. I just ordered
  14. Happy birthday to my bff
  15. Help me decide
  16. Ugh
  17. Hi babies
  19. Benji P
  20. Getting my new iphone today
  21. FUCK YES
  22. Happy birthday
  23. Ask mee:)
  24. Awks
  25. Hii Austin
  26. I appreciate you馃挆
  27. 38 days til my birthday
  28. Stars support
  29. He said theres a lot of girls
  30. So emotionally tired
  31. Hmm
  32. Shall i go to wine night?
  33. Ask me:)
  34. I love you馃挆
  35. I look so cute
  36. When you are trying
  37. I hate playing music
  38. Its a good day
  39. My cat brought in
  40. Hey baby

Someone give me some good reasons

Feb 9, 2018 by Kaylabby
To tell someone why im ignoring them? 馃槀 i cant find anything clever


say u gotta walk ur pet fish it got a lil obese
Sent by eliserose,Feb 9, 2018
"I feel like ignoring you."
Sent by woeisme,Feb 9, 2018

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