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  1. ROSE MULET - HOPELESSLY ft. Gun Shots
  3. rate my ava
  4. Angelina and Kara
  5. yáll stupid emojis
  6. University/Life Update
  7. roblox survivor anyone?
  8. All I want for Christmas is
  9. Smh my head
  11. I wanna taste your lips
  13. Life cannot get better
  14. Gery-Nikol with another bulgarian HIT
  15. 2019: no more toxic friendships
  16. My colleague teached me
  17. My Big Brother Bulgaria Winner
  18. Winter is coming
  19. Insults hurt only
  20. With Thirteen on our side
  21. My CRUSH is cheating on me
  22. Join The Dark Side
  23. This song is keeping me going
  24. when i say "lmao"
  25. I wanna end the year
  26. Make The Dark Side Great Again
  27. loggin in
  28. Hi
  29. do rude people know they're rude
  30. Riverdale is such a mess rn
  31. The week began as a real shit
  32. Don't wanna wake up one day
  33. There is that guy
  34. маци писи
  35. I don't like your girlfriend
  36. Yeah twerking is cool
  37. You'll get kidney failure
  38. Him: Slut!
  39. Me, the alcoholic
  40. we are all bad

when the song starts 3 mins

Feb 13, 2018 by Katherinee_
into the damn video. Bitch, I am here to listen to your song, not to watch a damn movie

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