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  1. I don't like your girlfriend
  2. Yeah twerking is cool
  3. You'll get kidney failure
  4. Him: Slut!
  5. Me, the alcoholic
  6. we are all bad
  7. I hate physics
  8. sleep the day away
  9. where are they
  10. Deadlines are killing me
  11. I fell at the club
  12. нали си bad bitch
  13. This person ^
  14. If you plus and comment my random blogs
  15. Why is there snow on Everest
  16. Next year will be the last year
  17. pulled an all nighter
  18. zdr kuchko
  19. I broke another samsung phone
  20. Rate the Winner of Big Brother Bulgaria
  21. Babies are so dumb
  22. I love clubbing
  23. I just wonder
  24. We live in a wicked world
  25. Which Brantsteele Survivor
  26. I made a few mistakes
  27. My life is going way too good
  28. who won the costume contest?
  29. What if de ja vu is the result
  30. Happy Chanel-o-ween Sluts
  31. I've been with this Negan_ costume
  32. Greetings from Bulgaria
  33. Kath is again on the trend ah
  34. Remember Christina Grimmie?
  35. Heard of Evalion?
  36. It was a plan 20 years in the making
  37. Future tg dads
  38. Candy on my first blog
  39. EXCUSE ME?!
  40. those who dig a grave

GO Sharapova and Grigor!!

Jan 18, 2018 by Katherinee_
They are slaying so far the Australian tennis tournament!  #Goals


mf ass multi
Sent by laari,Feb 11, 2018

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