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  1. daily
  2. How much is a shop nowadays
  3. i'm so proud of myself :)
  4. wont ever use apple music again
  5. just had my
  6. TALLY
  7. is there any way
  8. what's your favorite color?
  9. I only wanna do bad things to you...
  10. Anyways,
  11. that's fine i just
  12. i am in need of desperate help
  13. any1 wanna go for a cojoined shop
  14. The best TS song
  15. 100% certain
  16. not to be that person
  17. La la la la vie en rose
  18. Me too
  19. Hookah is so underrated
  20. ok now for real
  21. i really need soul cleansing...
  22. today i had an argument
  23. Post a song
  25. "dont be mean for the sake of it"
  26. It's about time
  27. ok so besides Jeff Varner
  28. how many litres of water
  30. worst survivor seasons
  31. y'all are really dumb
  32. Unpopular opinion,
  33. i feel disharmony
  34. also if anyone is studying french
  35. straight non-virgin men of tengaged
  36. God when will a certain user
  37. me the second gemma designs
  38. can we use gemmas for auction
  39. my avi finally took
  40. is highlighting


Aug 29, 2018 by KatarinaDuCouteau
you should consider minding your own fucking business instead of judging how others spend their time creating.



since people might get confused, this is related to this comment.

It's literally a fucking cartoon character. Like if you're spending THAT much time on an animated pixel then maybe it's time to consider getting a life?
Sent by JanelleBB6,Aug 29, 2018
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Aug 29, 2018
KatarinaDuCouteau MAYBE you should take a step back bitch and remember that you posted something in a PUBLIC chat which means ANYONE can post their opinion on the issue. So don't tell me to mind my own business. When you blog about something, you're opening the door for any mothafuckin one of us to come in and comment.
Sent by JanelleBB6,Aug 29, 2018
janellebb6 oh you're free to comment anytime but remember that anybody has the right to spend their time however he wants and to be honest drawing "some pixels" is definitely less pathetic than joining more than 6 games in the span of less than a week, in your case so :)
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Aug 29, 2018

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