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  1. gift me from Retro?
  2. Do I show up
  3. Pisces season has just begun bitches.
  4. Top 5 Little Mix balads
  5. the time for revenge has come
  6. PYN
  7. It's 2018
  8. Normani Kordei slays all your faves
  9. why...
  10. Once Uranus goes in Taurus
  11. supporting
  12. my sweater spills tea.
  13. Boy I hate you, really hate you
  14. Big Girls Cry
  15. It honestly rocks
  16. You can yell and you can curse and call me a bitch
  17. Is it a trend
  18. 2388
  19. representing all the woke people
  20. Why is this poor sad soul
  21. 2018 is the year of cutting people off
  22. I can't believe
  23. well it's back guys
  24. If you guys lose streaks
  25. Is sc down omg
  26. smoke hookahs kids
  27. Hello, my gnome is Katarina
  28. Would you rather
  29. R Kelly really has a sex cult with underage girls
  30. cackles in Spanish
  32. POLL:
  33. Tell me where your love lies
  34. This is THE song
  35. I just watched 50 Shades Freed
  36. best song of zara.
  37. listening to the scrapped version
  38. i am so fucking mad
  39. Next 3 plussers get a gift
  40. best league of legends game modes

Pisces season is coming very soon

Feb 9, 2018 by KatarinaDuCouteau
And I am so READY bitches. It's a water-dominant person's time to shine

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